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Hello, everyone, we’re in a bit of a new setting today. And I wanted to hop on live with you, and give you just a couple tips and suggestions how you could use a virtual event in your business right now and why I think that, that you should do it. Okay, so we’re gonna go really fast here. The number one reason why, and I’m gonna write that down here. Hopefully you can read it. If you are watching this on Facebook, my writing is not good. But you see these people? Oh, they’re so happy. I’m drawing really happy. People. Oh, you can’t really see it so well in the video. There’s too much light going on. Anyway, my marker is there. Here. Let’s shift it. Alright, can you see that? It is relationship. One of the number one reasons why you should have an event a virtual invent event in your, in your business is to create and nurture and foster relationship Why? Why not just simply have a sales page and have a website? Why Why not just simply put people through your email sequence? Well, because video is very powerful. And when you’re doing something live even, it gives people the opportunity to to see you to interact with you to talk to you like you’re really in their living room or their bathroom, if you want to be kind of weird, but you know, often people are on their phones, right? But the you are coming into a space they’re home, and it starts creating a bond, it starts creating a relationship. And within a virtual event. If you do it right, you can actually create relationship between the attendees, the people who are coming, which creates friendship, creates networking. In virtual events, you you also have the opportunity to bring in other speakers and other businesses to collaborate with. So it creates relationship within like a b2b like a business to business context. to network and partner with other speakers, it creates relationship between you and your customer or you and your potential customer goes deeper, they have the chance to encounter you as a real human being to see your home and where you’re in. And it creates a relationship between themselves between the customers, if you want to create community and tribe virtual event is a great option to start forging this community, this tribe. Okay, let’s go into number two. I don’t have a cool picture for this. Expert. Can you see that expert? status? Right. And I know that you you probably don’t think of yourself as like the expert and the leader. You know, I certainly I don’t think that about myself. Like I’m Danny, who knows everything. No, there’s not not a lot of us who are like that. But when we are opening up our ourselves and our knowledge, and we’re presenting, we’re creating a space for this to happen, people start looking to us, like, hey, she’s been talking about that a lot, or he’s been talking about that a lot. He must know something about that topic. So for instance, here I’m talking to you about virtual events. What do you think is going to go in your mind if you ever are thinking about doing a virtual event? or thinking about if you have questions about it? Who would you think about to talk to or to ask? Well, probably me because I’m I’m creating this video, I’m creating a space. To to kind of show you that. I I know, I know. I know stuff about virtual events, the meteor stuff is health and wellness. Maybe it is marketing. Maybe it’s something totally different. I don’t have very good examples here. But when you create an event around that topic around the topic that you are passionate about, and you are teaching people about it, then they start seeing you as an expert as someone that they can go to someone that they can trust someone who, when they have a question they can refer back to so having that event really helps elevate your status, just because you’re there and you’re giving an answer to what people might be wondering about. Number three, this might this might surprise you. Or maybe you didn’t think of it. I need new marker. I’m writing
hopefully I get it right.

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Can you see that there? hos but not hospital. Moving it there. Okay, I’m drawing a house. And I need a new whiteboard marker because this one really sucks. But you see number three, I have hospitality. So I call a virtual event kind of like virtual house. fatality Why do I call it virtual hospitality? Well, if you think about opening up your living room, we’re in one of my living rooms right now, if you think about opening up your living room and having people over and starting a conversation with them, and you’re able to give them something that really blesses them, okay, so here, if you were to come to my home, I probably offer you a coffee, this is a tea. But I’d offer you a coffee or a tea, maybe some fresh bread because my husband bake some fantastic fresh bread, or we’d have cookies or cake or something, do something German. And I would open up my space and invite you in and I would serve you. And so this is essentially what a virtual event is, is you are, you’re going to take in your your virtual home, your virtual living room, and you’re opening it up to the world. And you’re inviting them in to this your virtual living room. And you’re giving them you’re serving them, you’re giving them value in your teaching or in your workshop, you’re giving them maybe you even have a gift that can surprise people. Maybe it’s a giveaway that you’re you’re doing in your coaching offer, or digital products that you can give but you are you’re giving, you’re creating a space, a living room, to give value to your guests. And if there’s one thing I know about hospitality, it’s that it breaks down barriers, it breaks down walls, it creates a relationship, it creates a possibility of trusting the person, how many of you have gone over to someone’s house, and they’ve served you a meal. And you’ve had a great time chatting around the table, or the coffee table. And you feel like you can really relate with that person, as long as it’s been a good meal, or a good. But like, you know, could be awkward and they could be super rude. I don’t know, I haven’t actually been in that situation before. But assuming that everything’s gone, well, you’re like clicking with the person, you’re talking about something interesting. These, these, this barrier this, that we all have, if we’re meeting someone new, we kind of have this wall, right. And when we come into a place where there’s hospitality, something being offered, someone is serving us, we think in our head, I can trust this person. like them, I like what they’re saying, I’m getting to know them, I’m kind of hearing their heart, I’m hearing what she has to say them I’m hearing what she has to offer, she’s given me delicious coffee, or virtually, she has given me a great, great value in in teaching or really cool workbook or whatever. But that that barrier this like distress, like oh, it’s a new person goes down. And you create kind of an entrance into your world into maybe it is your coaching, maybe it’s a membership area, maybe it is a course that you are creating, but you kind of opened the doors to your life into your living room and create hospitality with a virtual event. And why are these things powerful? What when, when a person comes into our world, and they feel safe, they feel like they can trust you, they’re a lot more ready to to partner with you in your business, there are a lot more ready to say, Yeah, I am happy to pull up my credit card and buy that product. Because you’ve already provided me with so much value, I see that you have a lot of answers to the questions that I have. And you’re willing to spend time with me you’re willing to answer my questions. And you are willing just to allow me to be welcome and be human. So virtual has a really powerful lot more powerful than just going out and like no cold dming people or just making a sales page and a website. Those are.

Those are the old way of doing things. The new way is we want to open up our virtual hospitality, we want to make ourselves there and ready to interact and engage in a relational way with our leads and with our traffic. Because it’s about relationship. That’s what business is about. It’s about relationship in knowing the person and taking the time to welcome them and to love on them and to give them value and to introduce them to our ecosystem. Right maybe it’s a membership site, or maybe it’s courses or maybe it’s a coaching program that you offer, but you’re welcome welcoming them into your ecosystem by using these things which are contained within a framework of virtual events. So I thought I hope that really helped you kind of give you a vision of just the power that there is behind opening up your virtual hospitality space. And if you have any questions then definitely feel free to reach out to me either on Facebook or on Instagram or on our website. We’re at the reason entrepreneur.com or shoot me an email. I’m also Always happy to hear from you and answer any questions. And I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for spending this time with me. Bye bye