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All right. Can see my hair fluttering in the wind because I have a heater on, it’s really cold here. Hey, maybe you have thought about putting on a workshop or doing something live and you’re wondering, OK, how do I get people to show up to work? What if no one shows up? And this has happened to me? All these questions have happened to me. And I’ve even had a time where no one showed up to the workshop I put on.


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Oh, my goodness. How embarrassing. You know what? It’s not the end of the world.


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I actually I actually survived. I’m here today, to tell you the truth. It’s not so bad. So I want to give you a few a few tips. You can already see what we’re going to be talking about.


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We’re talking about traffic and traffic. I know I said last time, I actually don’t really like the words traffic or leads. They are people, right. We got to remember that there are people and I think the. No, let’s let’s let’s dove in and see how can we get people to show up to your workshop. You’ve decided you love to teach something. You want people to come. Maybe they want to go and zoom or something or you have something else planned.


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Maybe it’s a Facebook live news on Facebook group. Now, how do you get people to show up there?


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So we’re talking about how to get traffic to your event.


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And the number number one, you’re going to pick a time. Pick a time. Pick a good time that’s going to work for four people, that’s going to work for your audience because it doesn’t really make any sense to put on a workshop. I think especially on the weekends, people don’t tend to want to sit on the computer on the weekends and and do a workshop during the week is really good time, especially in the afternoons and evenings. It depending on your time zone, people are more likely if they’re at work or doing things to to hop on to a workshop with you.


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So pick a time even to ask your audience to ask your people what time works for them.


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So time is really important to what you own. OK, what does that mean? What do you what kind of traffic do you own, this could be an email list.


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You own your own email list. Maybe you have a Facebook group. You kind of own that, actually, Zuckerberg, rather owns that, but you might have an email list, you might have a following on a Facebook group, you have maybe an Instagram following.


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Right. These are all places that you can advertise and talk about your event and start bringing in traffic that way, all the places where you are, maybe a Facebook page.


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OK, these are all things that you own, that you can relate to, that you can talk directly to. So an email list, you can shoot out an email and they are going to know first hand from you or maybe you you have phone numbers of people you could text.


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OK, so those are just some ideas of people that are already kind of in your ecosystem, people who already know you are there, either warm or they’re hot, maybe they’ve even purchased from you before. And so that would be the first people. If they are your ideal target and your ideal customer for your workshop or your event, you’re going to invite them first. OK, so what if you don’t have a list? What if you’re just starting out?


[00:04:00.292] – Dani

What if there is no one knows you? OK, so I’m going to give you a really sneaky but easy tip here.


[00:04:11.002] – Dani

And we’re going to go to. Into Facebook groups. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to find Facebook groups, I hope that you have already done that going into Facebook groups where your ideal customer or your ideal client is hanging out. And more often than not, you have these there are Facebook groups that don’t allow you to put like a direct link or or just promote yourself on the page. Often there are promotion posts or threads that you can promote yourself there.


[00:04:47.032] – Dani

So that would be one option, a promo thread. But if you’re not allowed to, like, outright say, hey, I have an event, come to it because a lot of Facebook group owners are like, no, no, we don’t want you taking people away from us. You could say, hey, I am OK. For instance, we are doing a Christian Women and Business Festival and expo at the end of the month. It is March and at the end of the month we’re going to be putting on this big event.


[00:05:16.132] – Dani

And what I’ve been doing is I’ve been going into groups that have been saying, hey, who is interested? Who’s a Christian woman entrepreneur? Because that’s my my ideal client, my avatar, who I’d like to work with and is interested in networking or is interested in meeting up. And then under the post, I have a lot of people saying, oh yeah, that sounds great. Oh, that would be really interested in that. And then once they show me they raise their hand, they say, oh, I’d be interested in that.


[00:05:42.052] – Dani

Then I go ahead and I send them a private message saying, hey, this is the event you showed me that you were interested on the post that I wrote in such and such a Facebook group. Here is the way to join our event. You can sign up here. So for this tactic, you’re going to already need a way to sign the person up for your event or for your workshop. Maybe it’s a funnel. Maybe it’s as simple like a calendar link that you can send them and say, hey, just RSVP here.


[00:06:15.232] – Dani

But once you go into groups and you you ask a question that that kind of embodies what your workshop is about, hey, who is interested in eating healthier? I’m thinking about putting together a workshop and then people will be like, oh, that sounds interesting, right? And so when they raise up their hand, they say, Oh, that’s me. Then you have like permission to to message them and say, oh, if you’re interested in more information, click this link.


[00:06:44.422] – Dani

And that’s worked really, really well for me. It does take a little bit of time. So when either when you’re advertising, it’s always it always costs something right. So it’s always either going to cost you money because you’re spending money on ads. For instance, Facebook ads. I wouldn’t suggest running ads for a small workshop. That would be it probably would be kind of a waste unless you really know exactly who you are advertising to. You’re paying money for ads were you’re paying your time.


[00:07:16.702] – Dani

You’re investing that time to network with people. And Facebook groups is a really great place to do that. You can find a lot of a lot of your ideal clients there. OK, so we’ve covered now you’re going to choose really good time for your workshop. You’re going to promote your event to anything that you own. As long as those people are who you really want to communicate with, who you really want to serve, anything you own could be an email.


[00:07:44.692] – Dani

This could be your own Facebook group, could be on your Instagram or your Facebook page or text message if you have a text message list and then three, if you don’t have anything that you own, if you have no following, if you have no email list, then you’re going to hop into Facebook groups that have your ideal people in it and you’re going to kind of create an opportunity to start a conversation that makes sense. Does it make sense?


[00:08:10.612] – Dani

Create an opportunity to start a conversation with them, see who is interested in what you’re offering.


[00:08:16.372] – Dani

And then number four, we can see that still, right? Yeah, I have. Let’s say let’s call this. Galab short for collaborate, but I don’t want to write the whole word, so we have CoLab collaborate. What does this mean? OK, so maybe you are doing a two day workshop and that’s a lot of talking. It’s a lot of information. It would be great to take a break. You could consider actually inviting someone else, someone who can speak into your topic.


[00:08:52.702] – Dani

So if you’re talking about like holistic health, for instance, you could invite someone to talk specifically about gut bacteria. Maybe she’s a specialist on gut bacteria or a specialist in essential oils or someone who can help who you can work together. You’re not working against each other, but you can work together in in benefiting and giving value to both of your audiences when you collaborate. Maybe that person already has an email list, already wants to give value to her audience.


[00:09:23.992] – Dani

So you work together on promoting this event and you can kind of leverage the other person or persons if you have more people, their list and their ability to communicate because you all are part of different spheres of people, right? You’re part of different ecosystems and this works really well. This collaboration is very powerful. When you’re networking with people who are within your ecosystem, they’re not directly like competitors. I don’t like even thinking about competitors anyway, because I think in a in a virtual world world, we can we can really collaborate and networked together and grow together.


[00:10:05.122] – Dani

But maybe you are kind of speaking with the holistic health idea in mind. You’re talking about different parts of what holistic health means. Right. So like I said, we’ve got bacteria or essential oils and maybe you speak to mental health or self care. And so you can all kind of come together in your drawing in from all of the lists, all of the speakers. Listen, you’re bringing them together to provide a lot of value around the topic of holistic health.


[00:10:40.162] – Dani

And I’ll give you an example that we did a summit last last year for our, ah, wild, happy family. And that was one of the businesses that we we’ve been developing. And we brought in 20 different speakers. It was a little bit different. It’s not it’s not like a little workshop. It was a bigger event. But we brought in 20 different speakers and the 20 different speakers promoted to their audiences and on their social media and on their email list.


[00:11:06.922] – Dani

And we brought in a lot of people together because we were collaborating. We were growing our businesses together. And so that’s a really beautiful thing because I’m all about relationship and it’s opened up so many new relationships and opportunities there.


[00:11:22.162] – Dani

So this, I would say, is super powerful, whether you have a list or not, collaborating and finding people that can serve your audience together with you is going to be great at filling up a workshop or virtual event. And the last tip that I wanted to give you for this is tip number five.


[00:11:44.302] – Dani

Can we see that over? Overcommunication and I’ve learned this the hard way, overcommunication, especially if I’m reading an email, I think, OK, I’ve I’ve already written an email to the people who are interested one time and the events next week. So it should be so important to them that they they should have their calendar and they’re going to come. Well, just think about your own life and your own schedule. So often our email boxes or we’ve like WhatsApp messages or Viber or whatever, we have so many things just trying to grab at our attention.


[00:12:27.732] – Dani

That’s really hard to to remember these things that you want to be part of and think about your customer. Is she kind of struggling with the same thing? Does she have like an email box full of like promotions and updates and stuff going off all the time? Messages get lost. And I found even for people who are promoting an event, for people who are affiliating for something, they need to be reminded because those emails go lost or when they do read it, they just kind of forget about it because there’s something more imminent in front of their face that they need to deal with.


[00:13:00.792] – Dani

So I have learned that overcommunication is so important because people are just we’re just overwhelmed with with stuff.


[00:13:10.752] – Dani

We’re just overwhelmed with communication. And I’ve found that writing multiple emails, reminders and, you know, another email 15 minutes before the event begins is crucial because it just gets lost under the pile of life. Right. So. If you’re going to air on one side, this is coming from my experience, overcommunication, and if you think that you’ve probably said it enough, you probably should see it more. I thought that at a few events ago that I did.


[00:13:45.112] – Dani

I was like, OK, I think I’ve I’ve let everyone know.


[00:13:49.392] – Dani

I’ve sent them an email and I’ve sent them in reminder email and that should be enough. But one of I asked for feedback on the event and one of the the the feedback. One of the feedback, one of the feedback that I received was more email communication. And I was like, oh man. I really sent like two reminders. Shouldn’t that be enough? But apparently it’s not so overcommunicate. And I just learned from one of my mentors yesterday that when when they are communicating with someone who is has booked an appointment with them, what they do is they like send an email, send a text message, send another email, send a reminder, another text message or something.


[00:14:30.822] – Dani

It’s like it’s it’s like a a very intense, intense way of communicating simply because we’re just overwhelmed with everything. But it works. And a lot of people are very thankful for it because it if it’s out of sight. Out of mind. Right. So I hope that helps you.


[00:14:51.492] – Dani

Let me know if that has helped you when you’re thinking about how to fill up your workshop, how to fill up an event, where could you get traffic? Where could you bring people in? What are the best tips? Things that I have learned doing events.



Here’s your traffic here, start with what you own. Start with your group, start with your Facebook page. Start with your email list. Start with any phone numbers that you might have to invite those people first. If you don’t have traffic, if you don’t have anything that you own, then dig into Facebook groups, find people who are the start a post where people might be interested in what you’re offering. Hey, would you want to. Are you interested in health or essential oils and thinking about doing an event?


[00:15:42.792] – Dani

Let me know if you’re interested. Or going into the promo threads, sometimes I find them that they’re not those promotion threads can get really, like inundated with things. So I haven’t got, like, a lot of luck with that, I guess you could say, but you still could use that and collaborating. This is probably one of the strongest ones you could dig often.


[00:16:08.762] – Dani

We don’t want to do that because we don’t want to, like, throw ourselves. We don’t want to ask people. We’re a little bit afraid that someone’s going to reject. Someone’s going to say no. But I just want you to think if you if this is making you feel a little bit uncomfortable right now, I just want to ask you, what is the worst thing that could happen when you reach out to someone? Let’s take a moment was the worst thing that could happen if you say, hey, would you be interested in partnering with me for this event?


[00:16:39.292] – Dani

The very worst thing is probably they’re going to say no. Right, and it’s not really that. That bad, it’s actually not that bad, but we often we fear, like, oh my goodness, they’re going to hate me as a human, they’re never going to talk to me again. And they’re going to be so offended that I asked them to collaborate. No, no, that’s not how business works. We work together. People love, like people love generally to work together, to grow businesses together.


[00:17:06.312] – Dani

So if you’re feeling uncomfortable about that topic, just do it and you might be really surprised at the relationships that you build. So I’m going to end with that today.


[00:17:16.322] – Dani

I hope that benefited you. I hope that helped you in some way. Please let me know if you have any questions about doing events or workshops online. I’d love to hear you and let me know if I helped. If I did, then please feel free to share this video with people that might think it would help. And in the end, with this, you are one conversation away from transformation. So you have a wonderful day by.