Episode Notes

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Today, I’m really excited to talk to you about monetization of an event you might be thinking or considering about hosting a workshop or a seminar or maybe something bigger, like a summit or conference. And you’re wondering, OK, well, like, how how can I make how can I make money doing this? Like, how does that work? And I’m going to say upfront, the first thing that you’re going to need to monetize an event is a funnel strategy.


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And if you’re not sure and you’re thinking Dani, I don’t really know what a funnel is, funnel is very simple. A funnel is basically a series of steps that you’re taking your visitor, your customer on so that they complete one action like one action at a time. Right. So if you compare funnel to a website, a website has like a million options. And there’s like all these buttons that you can you can press in. And the person who’s visiting is like, oh, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with this website.


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Am I supposed to read, like blog posts or listen to a podcast or I’m reading about I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. A funnel is you’re bringing in you’re seeing on the first landing page this you’re saying I have an event and it’s free. For instance, let’s say this is a free event. Sign up here. Get your free ticket. Step one, very, very clear. And maybe the event is about health or maybe is about business.


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So you’re directing all the people of the earth and you’re saying, OK, I’m only trying to attract the people who are interested in women who are interested in health. And they’re going to come to that page and be like, oh, I’m totally interested in going to a seminar about essential oils or I’m totally interested in going to a workshop or seminar or summit. All about marketing. Right. So that’s that’s the fun ideas. You’re taking this whole audience and you’re just attracting those little the ideal clients to this funnel and you’re bringing them step by step into first they get a ticket and then maybe they purchase something from you and then they’re like welcomed into your community.


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So very brief introduction on the final strategy. Let’s talk a little bit about monetization. And you if you’ve been online at all, you’ve probably seen there’s like events going all over. You have very, very often a either a low ticket or a free event. Right. So this is our event page and it’s, hey, free, come join my workshop or my seminar or my or a summit or a conference and it’s free.


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And you might be wondering, well, like, how are they making how are they making money actually, like, are they just they just really generous with their time?


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Well, maybe that could be maybe it’s a nonprofit, but I’m going to show you how we could monetize something from a free ticket to a workshop we can go to the next up of your funnel would be to create.


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So they sign up here, put their email address in, and then they’re brought to the next page, which says, hey, do you want, let’s say, all the recordings of the workshop?


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OK, maybe it’s recordings. Have you ever been have you ever been to like a conference before and then at the back table to have all those, like, CDs and DVDs that you can buy from previous events? And like I know I go to church and there’s been a lot of conferences, spiritual, whatever workshops and things. And after the speaker was there, there would always be this table at the back where you could purchase the recordings of other conferences.


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This is essentially the same idea you’re going to be teaching live or or not if it’s a summit and then you give them access to the recordings that they can learn at their own pace afterwards. So you can say, hey, just for.


[00:04:00.540] – Dani

A little bit of money, depending on your your price range, it really depends on your niche right now.


[00:04:08.190] – Dani

You can get these recordings for of 67 dollars and you would have unlimited time to go and listen to these recordings.


[00:04:16.680] – Dani

And on top of that, you get a workbook maybe so you can work through these things. Not everyone is going to take it.


[00:04:23.610] – Dani

But that’s not the idea. The idea is here you want to drive a lot of traffic. You want to kind of bring people in with the like, hey, there’s this is free, like, it just cost you your time. And then for some people are going to go, oh, I may not be able to be there the whole time. So I would love the opportunity to have those recordings. And so you’d have like a little upswell.


[00:04:45.090] – Dani

There are another option, what you could do instead of the recordings.


[00:04:48.810] – Dani

What I’ve seen on one of my mentors events is that she offered a dime and I think she called it the diamond package. OK, so this works really well.


[00:05:01.560] – Dani

If you if you’re already known, maybe you’re a coach, maybe you already have tribe an audience around you and they like you and they’d love to have more like a one on one time for you. And so what she did is what she offered a diamond package.


[00:05:17.100] – Dani

You got a free ticket to the I think it was like a two day workshop. And then you were led to a page that said, hey, do you want to be part of our diamond package of the event? It’s only two hundred ninety seven.


[00:05:31.260] – Dani

What you get here is and our virtual lunch, the virtual lunch date with me as a group, it was it wasn’t one on one, actually.


[00:05:46.740] – Dani

It was just a small group.


[00:05:48.690] – Dani

You get a mug.


[00:05:51.540] – Dani

And what else did you get in that you got a really cool zoom background to show during the event that you were like you were part of the diamond package.


[00:06:01.530] – Dani

So there was a status right there, what you call that background graphic. Background graphic. I don’t feel like writing this all out, so you got a really cool background graphic because of the status.


[00:06:15.770] – Dani

OK, so when the person purchased that, they got you know, they got something tangible, they got something relational and they got something that increased their status in the site of others and people they buy they love to buy premium and status and feel really good about themselves.


[00:06:38.040] – Dani

So that that would be like another option as an interesting app so that you could have from a free ticket or maybe a low price ticket, something smaller ticket would be like the recordings.


[00:06:51.810] – Dani

And then you could even add add something like this where it’s just an hour where they had to ask questions to you at a to ninety seven up so it won’t work for everyone.


[00:07:04.020] – Dani

OK, so there’s word of warning with this. It’s not going to work for everyone. If you don’t have people who like know you, you’re not really seen as an authority or an expert in your field, then people are probably going to be like why would I pay ninety seven to hang out with someone? I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense.


[00:07:19.350] – Dani

OK, and then you so let’s just say this is a little upsetting.


[00:07:25.710] – Dani

Another thing you could go straight to, you could go straight to a thank you page and say Hey thanks, here’s my thank you page your come join our Facebook community and prepare for the workshop that we’re going to be having or instead of doing a thank you page.


[00:07:42.460] – Dani

You if you already have a a product, you can do a photo and an O stands for a one time offer, so maybe you already have a coaching program or you already have a a digital product, maybe you have a course and you’re going to say, hey, look, I have this course that I sell normally for four ninety seven.


[00:08:08.290] – Dani

Right. It’s going to take you let’s talk about food photography. All right. My courses, maybe it’s a workshop on on on being a photographer. And I have a food photography course that normally costs one hundred and ninety nine hundred ninety seven, whatever. But because something special for I’m doing a special offer for everyone who comes to the event is 50 percent off. So instead of 107, you have.


[00:08:38.170] – Dani

Well I’m just going to say 97.


[00:08:40.750] – Dani

All right. So people are like, oh man, that’s so cool. Like and if you close the page, the offer goes away. Right. So there’s now this fear of missing out and you’re you’re creating scarcity. This is only available during this offer or during during this workshop that you’re signing up for. And when you close this page, this offer goes away. So you can see how powerful that is, if you already have a product or an offer in place, then this is a perfect time to do.


[00:09:15.700] – Dani

Like a special deal is like a bundle here. And we did that for let’s see, I did that for the summit.


[00:09:23.770] – Dani

And our offer, our one time offer was actually a challenge. It wasn’t even we didn’t have a product at that point. So what we did was a challenge.


[00:09:33.100] – Dani

Hey, you want to be part of the challenge? It’s nice. Seven dollars. You can join up with us and we’ll be starting in a week. And so it wasn’t even something that was finished, but we we definitely had people purchasing that because they wanted to be part of it. And it was a one time thing. It was a special deal. So that is one way of going from free to to to some monetization strategies in your funnel.


[00:10:03.550] – Dani

I’m going to show you one more way what you can do.


[00:10:09.510] – Dani

If you are, for instance, doing maybe more of an intense like a seminar and a workshop, you are totally free to just make it cost something upfront, doesn’t have to be free.


[00:10:25.410] – Dani

You can say, hey, look, we are doing this workshop. I’m bringing special teachers in or I am an expert in this. And this is a one time thing. Or maybe it’s a workshop, a weekly workshop.


[00:10:39.060] – Dani

You can you can totally say, hey, like it’s forty seven dollars to attend to of this workshop. This is what you’re going to learn. This is the benefit that you’re going to get for it. It’s not for everyone. But if you’re interested, you can pay. Right. So you can you you don’t have to do for free. You can do it. And and I think this works really well if people know who you are, really want what you’re teaching, what you’re giving.


[00:11:05.580] – Dani

Right. So this is not so the other way that we looked at was free. Right.


[00:11:11.280] – Dani

That is really great at building your list kind of off the bat. This could be good at building your list with more people who who might be more serious about your offer. You probably won’t get as many sign ups because it is it costs money. And that’s already kind of a big like stepping stone for people to be like, oh, I’m not really interested, but it probably will qualify your customers a lot more by saying, hey, it costs money, then they’ve already purchased something from you.


[00:11:42.660] – Dani

So they might be they’re more willing to repurchase from you after what you could do is it costs money.


[00:11:48.600] – Dani

And then during your event, you could do either, you know, you could do that up.


[00:11:53.430] – Dani

So that I was talking about with we’re going to hang out for two hundred ninety seven dollars. You can be part of our time package. You could do something like that.


[00:12:01.020] – Dani

You could do the one time offer. You could do the challenge challenge thing you can at the end of your event. Let’s say you don’t offer anything. You just have a thank you page. OK, let’s say you have your offer and then just have your thank you page group get ready.


[00:12:20.310] – Dani

It’s going to be great event. The event happens and at the end of the event you can offer something high ticket. So maybe it is a coaching package that you have and then you have this event. They’ve paid the ticket. They’ve learned something from you. Maybe they’ve, uh. I don’t know. It could be like a method that you have been teaching and then you offer it, like if this is interesting to you, special right now for this event is is working together with me in my master mind.


[00:12:56.070] – Dani

For instance, you do high ticket me high tickets anywhere from, what, one thousand like two thousand to up. Right. And because they’ve already spent some time with you and they’ve already spent some money, they are possibly more willing, probably a lot likely more willing to spend a lot of money with you because you’ve given them so much value and because they’ve already made a purchase decision. So you could do something like that as well. You could do.


[00:13:24.600] – Dani

If you have a coaching program, you can offer a really awesome workshop packed full of information and then bring them into your high ticket program. So that’s another I know that’s not for everyone. It really depends on where you are in your business. So I’d given you kind of two models. What you could do with a virtual event or workshop could be a summit.


[00:13:43.350] – Dani

You could really have any event going around here. It is up to you.


[00:13:50.130] – Dani

There are there are different benefits depending on the events that you choose. But we’ll talk about that another time. And also, it’s a lot easier to get traffic to certain events. But you can look at the traffic video that I posted a couple of days ago, and that might help you as well. So if that was helpful, you found that helpful, then I’d love for you to go ahead and share this video or what you’re listening to. Or if you have any more questions, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


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Send me an email me, go to the risen entrepreneur.com and contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Join our email list, then we can stay in contact and be email friends. I would love that. And I’m going to end with this. You are one conversation away from transformation. I hope you have a wonderful day.