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Did you know that 55 percent of people become customers through word of mouth? Forty six percent of people become customers through a reference from another customer? So like stars and and likes and all that, and 38 percent of people become customers because of media articles. I mean, why am I sharing these statistics with you right now? Because we’re talking a lot about customers. You can see the title here. So stop exhausting yourself, trying to find customers do this instead.


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So what what are we doing instead? And I’m I’m totally guilty of this, too. Maybe, maybe maybe you also struggle with this. But very often as entrepreneurs, we especially beginning in small business, small businesses, we kind of like we’re stuck in our own little ecosystem. We’re stuck in our own little world that we’re stuck looking at like what we need to do and busying ourselves with all these tasks. But the number, I would argue, probably the number one thing that you should be doing is networking, partnering, finding other people that you can work together and grow your business together because it’s a new economy right now.


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It’s a new economy. I like to call it a relational economy. I don’t know if I’m the first one to coined that term, but I know wrongly, I’m very, very, very much about relationship. You’ll hear me say over and over again, it’s all about relationship and business is all about relationship. Everything we do is all about relationship. And it’s a holistic thing. We are humans.


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We are we are kind of like created for community, for relationship. And so what does this look like? You might be asking yourself, OK, I started a business.


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Maybe you have an e-commerce store, maybe you’re a coach, maybe you are selling your little products candles. Maybe you’re just you’re starting out to be as a valet and you’re wondering, OK, now I Dani. I am just I can’t find more customers. I’m going on Facebook. I’m trying to find people who might want it, but I’m exhausting myself. And I know I’ve been there. Three years ago when I first started my business, I was like, how do I how do I bring traffic?


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How do I bring people to to see me amidst all of this? And I tried all sorts of strategies. I tried, you know, doing like Pinterest and I tried ads and I’ve tried all these things that I’m not saying that those things don’t work. They definitely can work. But I notice that the number one thing that that really grew are multiple different businesses that we have were through relationships. Now, how did that work? How how do you grow your relationship?


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How do you grow your business with relationship?


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OK, so I have a few examples for you. I don’t think I have my pen today to write it down. But a couple examples for you would be to find people. Number one, find people who are not your direct competitors, but serve a similar audience. So they’re not they’re not is selling exactly what you’re selling because that would be you know, you want to you want to try to find people who who can grow your list together, grow your audience together.


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And you kind of you complement one another, if you know what I mean. And what you do is you find a person or multiple people who serve similar people and you can borrow each other’s email list. How does that work? How do you borrow someone’s email list? OK, so if you have some sort of lead magnet or a freebie or maybe you have launched a course or a program or something and you know that it could benefit someone with a similar audience, maybe not exactly that you can ask to present or that person can present your course or your freebie or your your program.


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And in return, you do the same thing with your email list. And I actually did this last year with our one of our other businesses where I found a lady and she had similar kind of similar people where we are serving moms who had kids. And we were trying to, you know, create cool activities. And we did kind of a freebie exchange. So I promoted something that she created and she promoted something I created. And we grew our list together.


[00:04:45.992] – Dani

It was really cool. Another way of doing this, if you’re not borrowing someone’s list, is to create an event together to maybe put on something together where you are kind of bringing. Both of your emails, both of your audiences from Instagram or from Facebook, and you’re doing something together, so maybe I always go to like health and wellness and and coaching because there’s so, so many people out there who are doing health and wellness and maybe have essential oils.


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Maybe you’re like an expert in, like essential oils. And then you bring someone in who is on nutrition, like eating right. And you conduct a cool workshop together that brings an audience who are interested in wellness. They’re interested in being healthier, they’re interested in nontoxic cleaning products, for instance, and you kind of merge together and share the audience. Is that cool? What a cool idea, isn’t it? Most of us, I think probably like 90 percent of the online businesses or the small businesses totally forget that.


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They think somehow we have it in here, that we have to do it on our own. How to do this by myself. It’s my business. I have to grow it. I have to do all the things. But it’s not true in business. You cooperate together with other businesses. And we see this in the corporate world where you see like corporate sponsorships or different businesses joining together to support one another. They’re not trying to rob. They’re just trying to grow together.


[00:06:16.242] – Dani

So first strategy is borrowing an email list. Maybe you want to launch a course and you want to promote someone else. Of course. What do you do? How do you find this person? You go into Facebook groups, go into Facebook groups that have similar people in your niche who are entrepreneurs and growing their business and writing them a message. Hey, would you be interested in joining together on something? Would you be interested in what works? Really, really good is I think when I did it, I wrote on Facebook, if you have an email list of over 2000 because I had a similar email list, because it doesn’t really help if someone has like 50 people on their email list and you have like two thousand, it’s kind of an equal.


[00:07:05.982] – Dani

But if you all give you both kind of have similar email as maybe a little bit bigger, a little bit smaller, it works really well. And you can do like one week. It’s the one person’s freebie. Next week is next, the other person’s freebie.


[00:07:17.772] – Dani

So. But certainly, number two is put on something together, put an event together, a workshop, it doesn’t have to be super fancy. It could just be like two sessions where you’re teaching and you do question answer. People love that, right? It’s kind of think of like those. Oh, do you have you ever gone to, like a Tupperware party where we can’t do that right now? But you’re putting on kind of a little event where you can teach on something, provide a lot of value and help people if they have questions.


[00:07:55.412] – Dani

It’s an experience and you can do it together with someone else. You don’t have to do it on your own. Another way is, is partnering by looking at podcasts. So maybe you’re a blogger. So let’s look at podcasting and blogging, offering to write an article for another blogger and maybe swapping an article. Excuse me. And the same with podcasting is I have a podcast and I like to I def I love having new people on my podcast because I get to, I get to know like new people all the time.


[00:08:29.042] – Dani

It brings me a lot of joy, I have a lot of fun talking to people so that, that really fits well for me and I have them on and then often will do like a podcast swap. So one of my friends, Danica, she has Elevate with Danica podcast. Definitely check it out. We did a podcast well, so I spoke on her. She spoke on it was a lot of fun. Right. And that way we’re partnering together.


[00:08:51.152] – Dani

We’re not we’re not direct competitors. I’m not trying to take her her clients away. We were a little bit different in our businesses, but we we can grow our audiences together by doing things like that. So put it on your strategy. Like, you will not regret this.


[00:09:07.772] – Dani

You will not regret this finding reaching out to people who who are already congregating your dream audience, your dream people. OK, so we have three or four things so far. We have Swapan Lead MAGNET’s swapping email list. We have put on an event together, do something virtual, make it a workshop. Doesn’t have to be crazy fancy, but find someone that you can do something together with and share the new customers that come share the new leads that are coming in.


[00:09:39.302] – Dani

Write a blog post for someone and have them write for you. So do a swap in article writing or do a podcast swap as well and do a swap if you have a platform. People love to be featured. If you have a Facebook group, bring someone in to speak in your Facebook group and if they have a Facebook group, go talk in their Facebook group, then you’re swapping, you’re allowing, you’re kind of bringing in both audiences together and growing your business together because we are in the relationship economy.


[00:10:08.762] – Dani

That is the economy right now. It’s not about like, OK, I got to do it on my own, I got to share or I got to steal all the leads for myself.


[00:10:17.222] – Dani

No, that is not how business works here in the online world. We work together as a community and we grow together. We all benefit from that.


[00:10:24.602] – Dani

OK, so the last thing that I want to leave you with today is the idea of bartering. Maybe you’re saying, oh, I Dani I don’t have enough money like I need. I can’t do all this by myself. It’s taking me so long. I can’t I can’t write copy. I can’t do graphics. I don’t know how to do headlines. I need to do all these things, but I don’t have money to outsource and pay someone. What do I do.


[00:10:49.862] – Dani

OK, we’re coming back to relationship and when we start opening ourselves up for relationship, getting to know people in different areas, putting ourselves out there and starting relationship and nurturing those relationships. And we also find really, really skilled people, people skilled in doing things that we can’t do. And no one said that as an entrepreneur, you have to do it all. There’s no you don’t have to do it all and you can do it really slowly.


[00:11:18.002] – Dani

It’s going to take you twenty years to have a profitable business. We don’t want that for you. You need to cut corners, right? So find people that you can barter with is what does a barter, what does bartering look like? For instance, I’ll be working very soon with a client of mine and I will be helping him put on a virtual event. We’re going to be bartering in the same sense that he is going to he’s not going to be doing serve like his particular service for me, not at this point, but maybe in the future.


[00:11:50.522] – Dani

Right. Maybe in the future. So I’m always like when I’m looking at my relationships, I’m thinking, OK, that might maybe not right now, but maybe in the future this would be a really good relationship. So I’m going to be helping helping him with something and then maybe in the future he’ll help me with something. Right. And another example, I think I’m hopping on a call later with someone who’s really good at Facebook ads, and he could help me with that.


[00:12:13.292] – Dani

And so we’re going to be talking about Facebook ads. I’m going to be sharing with him all I know about virtual events, because that’s kind of my expertize. I’m pretty good at that. Not everyone is.


[00:12:23.672] – Dani

So we’re kind of bartering. Information we’re bartering the ability to to help each other out, and I don’t think I really realized this until now, how powerful this is that we you have so much to give. You’re very unique. You’re really talented and gifted. And when you start offering, hey, look, we have a visitor today. When you start offering these things and saying, hey, I’ll do an exchange for this, when you’re cutting down your costs, you don’t have to pay someone you don’t know.


[00:12:54.402] – Dani

You’re beginning a relationship. And it could actually lead to a life long or business life long relationship that will help you in the long run. How awesome is that? Yeah, it’s great, right? Because you are creating relationship and relationship will help your business grow. All right. No one relationship will help your business grow. Very often. We want to hide behind a logo. We want to hide behind our website. We want to hide behind a product.


[00:13:21.612] – Dani

And we just think that the product is good enough to sell itself. We think that our website is beautiful enough to sell itself. But I have some truth to to shed on you shed to shed light on the truth to you right now is doesn’t work anymore. You can’t just build a website and people are going to come. Not anymore. Not in twenty does not work like that. You need more than a website. You need you, you need you need you in order to grow and scale your business.


[00:13:51.372] – Dani

And you need to put yourself out of the comfort zone a little bit. You need to go talk to people. You can’t just sit there behind your your avatar. You can’t sit behind your your website, your logo, your product. You need to reach out to people and say, hey, how can I help you? Hey, could we partner in this? Hey, what do you think of that? And be ready for rejection. Be ready for rejection.


[00:14:15.912] – Dani

Some they might say, no, no, you’re not ideal. You’re not a good fit. That’s OK. And what’s the worst thing that will happen? They say no. They say no. And you move on, you find someone else. That wasn’t the right relationship for you right now. OK, so it’s a relationship economy. That’s what I want you to take away from the video today is it’s a relationship economy. You don’t have competitors.


[00:14:38.262] – Dani

We have four year olds who like to talk to us. Go where? Hey, but that’s how we roll here. That’s my normal life.


[00:14:45.042] – Dani

I’m sharing it with you kids, asking questions. But so it’s a relationship economy. And if you’re ready for more relationship and you’re Christian woman entrepreneur, we have an event coming at the end of the month, actually. Oh, my goodness. Doesn’t like a couple of days. So go to the risen entrepreneur dotcom. You get free tickets there. For our Christian Women in Business Festival is totally free. It’s relational. It’s meant to get you out there to start networking with people, to start putting yourself out there and finding those key relationships that will help you grow because it’s all about relationship.


[00:15:20.442] – Dani

It’s a relationship economy.


[00:15:23.052] – Dani

That is I’m going to put a I’m going to put a link here below after I’m done.


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And my four year old is going to say goodbye. We have a little puppet show. All right. And if you like this if this help you definitely please comment. Let me know. Tell me any questions that you might have. I love to answer them.


[00:15:43.152] – Dani

Were you struggling with this where you stuck and tell me how your kids come when you’re doing live videos and have fun with you or have a great day, guys. You say bye to day by day. It is.