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The Tuesday, I am so happy to see you, if I can see or hear you if no, I can’t even hear you, but I’m glad that you are here with me today. Today, I want to talk about why you want to make more money. Why do you want to make more money? I know this can be especially a touchy topic in Christian circles. And and it’s just it’s something we have to address. It really is something that we have to address because a lot of people feel a little bit guilty, you know, feel a little bit guilty that they.


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Even saying the words like, I want to make more money, I want to make more money, because we’re often we come from if you’re anything like me as an entrepreneur, you’ve maybe come from a background where there hasn’t been a lot of money. Right. And that’s like one of the reasons why you decided that you wanted to not only do you want to help people, but you want to be able to profit for your family and to to to live, you know, to have a good living situation.


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You might have a history like me where there wasn’t enough money as a kid. Right. When I was growing up, we did not have enough money. I mean, we had enough we had food. We had we never had a day where we weren’t hungry. But, you know, money was it was a tricky subject and it was always tight. And we even had instances where, you know, my dad was not very good with money and he he took some money and would use it to buy things that are just not necessary, such as alcohol and and who knows what else I can talk about it now being really free and healed from that.


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It was not an awesome time. We can go into more details of my life another time. But, um, you know, we did we didn’t have enough money growing up. I remember specifically a moment growing up as a child, coming into our house and seeing like a bunch of people coming with, like, groceries. And I couldn’t figure out, like, why why are they coming with groceries?


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But apparently we were going through a really tough time that my mom couldn’t buy groceries for us. And so our church had kind of like come together and brought our family groceries. I was used to just eating like, you know, crackers and water and stuff and gross chicken that my mom made. But, you know, she she did a great job at making us always feel like there was enough. So that being said, you know, I come from a history where where money is a sensitive subject.


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Right. And even this title like why you need to make more money or why you want to make more money could already put, like, you know, warning signals in your head, like, oh, my goodness, what is she going to say? Like, are are we going into, like, prosperity? And I don’t know, whatever the woo woo stuff going on, like picturing, you know, all the money that belongs to, you know, really my point that I want to talk about today is the reason why we strive to create wealth.


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The reason why, because wealth is from God. You know, you go into the scriptures and you can see that wealth is is created. It’s not just this currency that we use to to exchange with one another, value goods and services. That is a system that man has made. But, you know, God has created wealth and abundance where we can see that and all of nature. He’s created everything to give fruit. Right. So maybe instead of thinking like a money, let’s think of it as like fruit.


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God wants us to be fruitful and everything we do. That means also in wealth creation. That also means money that not not just to heaven, but to kids. Yes, I, I believe my children are I’m happy to be fruitful and have you know, we have five kids. So that’s another part of being fruitful that I really enjoy having that life. And there’s also another fruitfulness where you’re bringing and disabling people and loving on them and teaching them about God.


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There’s fruit there, spiritual fruit. But when God calls us to be fruitful and multiply, that also means in creation, that’s the wealth. It’s like abundance. That’s our gardening and our our work. And why, you know, why are we just building this all up so that our families can live in giant mansions and we can hire servants to wait on us hand and foot so we have nothing to do? No. And you’re probably thinking like, no, that’s not what I want.


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I know you’re probably thinking I have wealth or I want to create wealth so that I can transform more lives that you I can transform more lives. I want to do more good. I want to impact the world. I want to enable people to maybe it’s missions like maybe you want to enable missionaries, maybe you want to help invest into other projects. Maybe you want to really immerse yourself in philanthropy and helping or even into Mercy Ministries. Right. You want to earn more, not just for your family.


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I’m I know if you are listening to me, you are very, very likely not the type person who wants to get rich really quick and and have like servants all over the place. That’s why you are your. Didn’t you need to listen to me, right, you want to transform people, you want to transform the nation’s right, we are calling is to create this world, to be more like heaven. And how do we do that? We do that by creating wealth.


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We create opportunity. We create jobs for people. We create fruit in our gardens so that we can share with people. We can share that abundance, that bounty that we’ve got, for instance, in your gardens or in your business, we can share that and keep giving that into our communities.


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Good morning, Trees. It’s so nice to see you. Good morning. It’s like my afternoon, so, you know, but that is why we are created to be generous. That’s why you want to make more money. That’s why you want to create more wealth. That’s why God has called us to be wealth creators. He’s called us to be fruitful and multiply also in our businesses. And so I know this is really hard, especially if you’re beginning out in business, if you’re beginning and you know the you’re in the red and the money’s not coming in.


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I know my sister and I as we started like our first business, as I started my first business by myself, I was like, man, there’s a lot of money going into this, not about coming out to help to help other people. I can’t be generous. And that’s a bit frustrating. So here’s a couple of tips for you. If you are not earning money enough to give at this point, but you really want to give and you want to transport people, you want to help them.


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What we what I have done is often I’m I’m giving my service. I mean, I still do that. But you can give something you’re good at. Maybe it’s an email. Maybe it’s a strategy with someone. Wealth creator. Yes. We love wealth creator. If you do not have the money coming in that is like funding your business and profiting you, then think of other things that you can be generous with, generous with your time, generous with your knowledge, because very, very likely, you know, like seventy percent more than other people who are looking at you right now.


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For instance, I had like an email from a friend or a couple of friends who are really interested in starting their business. And I’ve been on this journey a lot longer than them. And so I can share that information with them to help them out as much as I can. I can charge people money for that, too, but for them and giving it for free, because I’m investing I’m being generous with my time and my knowledge. Right.


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So if you are not having that money, if that wealth is not there monetarily, then you can think of another way to be generous and tell your at that point. And you know what? There’s another really awesome thing. It is never wrong to be generous. Never there’s never a wrong moment to be generous.


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You know, God, in all of his beauty has created us to be generous. And it is always it always comes back in maybe a way you don’t see right away. Maybe it’s a few years down the road. I don’t know. But, you know, it’s that is how his economy works. That is how God’s economy work is just generosity. When we give. When we give. When we give. When we give, it’s never it’s never wrong.


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Right. So if you have no money, be generous with your time. Be generous with whatever resources that you’ve got. Maybe you can build websites with people and they can’t do that. Then do that. You don’t have to give them their money, but you can give them money, but you can help them with something practical. And once your business starts earning more and you’re out of that red, then what we’ve done is we’re we’re paying ourselves a little bit.


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For instance, something really practical my sister and I are doing right now because we’re in this together. We’re doing like ten percent that we’re paying ourselves right away. We’re giving ten percent away. We’re covering our bills. And I hope that that can grow. Yeah, I hope that that giving will grow more than 10 percent right now. We have it at that because we’re still developing and we still have bills to cover. But I want that amount to grow.


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I’d love it to be at like fifty percent. So let’s let’s see if we can, like, grow. But that is the reason why we have business. We want to be wealth creators. We want to be generous. When we can’t be generous with our money, then we can be generous with our time, we can be generous with our wisdom. We can be generous with the services that we provide and the support. So I hope that helped you today.


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I’m so happy to see you, Trish. Thank you for coming in and hopping on here. And thank you for your time. Let me know what you think about wealth creation. How has how has your journey been on it? Have you had those struggles with money? I know that’s like a money mindset can be really tough for a lot of people. It can be a little bit uncomfortable even if you’re working together with a partner. Like I work together with my sister and we still we need to pray together before we go into finances because right away it can feel really emotional, right.


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Like it has this connection and this possibility to to rip people apart and to make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you come from a life where it’s been really scarce. Right. So let’s just switch that mindset. Let’s think generous, generous with our money, generous with our time, generous with all the capability of being fruitful and however that looks. Are you in your phase of your business? That’s my encouragement for you today. And let me know how that is for you.


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I’d love to hear. All right. I will see you next time. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.