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See you or hear you or be with you today in whatever way, shape or form that you might be hearing my voice today, we’re going to be talking about events, virtual events. Yes, that is my thing. I love events. Why do I love virtual events? Because they bring people together simply it’s about relationship. And you and I are in the business or ministry of relationships. We want to see people be transformed. We want to see them be educated.


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We want to see them be empowered. Right. So this is why we do events, because events are like a giant movement of people coming together, creating value, creating relationship, listening to great experts and speakers and then going back into their own homes or not going back anywhere because they’re virtual. They’re right in their homes and and creating transfer or continuing that transformation, continuing that information. So today, I just wanted to go through two and seven different two different differences.


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Oh, my goodness. Try saying that. Two different differences, two varieties of events. My husband coming in with coffee. Thank you. Any two two ways you could do virtual events and both have a good a good way or. Well, no, I can’t really say that there’s both positives and benefits to these two thralls events. First, we’re going to go through a recorded event. So this could be something like and you might have experiences like a summit where there is like a bunch of speakers and they have you register for the summit and then you have three days and each day has a list of multiple interviews. I remember a summit that I went to that last year on was like gardening, farming, because I’m kind of interested in farming. I’m interested in the topic. I’d love to have like a farm. I think in my head that sounds like a cool idea anyway. So I went to a farming summit and that they had great interviews about all sorts of different topics from, like, I know, growing micro greens to having Joe sell Joe Salatin on talking about his farm. And it was really exciting. And it was just basically a day one where was a theme and a bunch of recorded content.


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Data was another theme, bunch of recorded interview style and day, day to day three can be up to like four days, could even go longer, depending on how many guests you have speaking at it. But the benefits to this type of event is that it’s actually pretty easy to execute. All you have to do is record all of the interviews or the teachings from your experts beforehand. So if you give yourself enough time, like a couple of months, you can go through recordings, get recordings, have them all done, edit them and then put them into your two year summit. And it when the summit goes live, it’s actually one of the easiest things ever.


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You just you just like click live on your final page or your website and you’re good to go. It’s a really easy event to be part of because you don’t have to worry about people not showing up to to your event. You don’t have to worry about your speakers not showing up to your event. You basically record one time and then you’re good. You don’t have to have to worry much about it. And you have a pretty stable Internet connection. And if someone says something wrong, you could edit it out. So there’s a lot of benefits to having a recorded event. One negative thing that I don’t really like about events recorded ones is that there’s not a lot of interaction normally, you know, because it’s not it’s not alive. You don’t have the speakers aren’t able to or the experts are really able to look at the chats going on or look at how many questions from the audience. And so I think now, having done like both and trying multiple ways, I love being able to interact.


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Well, I’m teaching with the audience because I love being able to see the questions and then respond to them right away when it’s just recorded. You can’t really respond to that, right? You can’t really respond to the comments on the side, because while you’re just recording right, what could you do? You could maybe bring the speakers in. I know other events where they have like a special Facebook group and the speakers could go into the Facebook group and do a special question and answer time. That would be one option. You could do something like us where we use a specific event platform, we use Erme and you can have speakers going to a table maybe after the recording and also having a question to answer. So there is definitely ways to get around it and still have the interaction, but it doesn’t live exactly what you’re said.


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It’s it’s a safe approach, safer, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for interaction. Right. So that’s kind of that’s kind of a downer. I guess you could say the next type of event is a live event. OK, we just finished one. Trish was there. We have a live event and. The big benefit to that one is being able to interact with people to write real time, be able to respond to those questions in real time, be able to chat with people and not just be the talking head on a screen. The reason why I like live events is because you can really talk to people like right after and hear their stories and hear get to know them, get to know your audience, get to know your your customer. And it feels more like something’s happening. It feels more like an experience. So I love that aspect of live events. What are some negatives? What are some not so beneficial things? Well, people’s Internet could be a little iffy, right?


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So you have the legging and you miss out on a lot of the teaching. That sucks, right? But that can happen because it’s live. You never know. You never know what your speaker is going to say. Maybe they say something that totally goes off the deep end and you cannot edit it out. Right. Then you just have to do it right. And another is which I’ve had before in other events where the timing gets messed up because you’re an international time zones and your speaker doesn’t show up.


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And so then you’re like, all right, everyone, here’s my I don’t know where my speaker is. You have to have at least like a plan B and then maybe a plan C to be able to respond to that situation. Right. Maybe have a bunch of jokes. My husband’s really good at telling jokes. I am not. I sit there awkwardly and try to think of what I should say to entertain people in that situation, which we have had. And she is a dear friend of mine. I love her. She’s really wonderful. We just messed up on the timing. She was able to record a video and send it to our audience after.


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But it definitely makes for an awkward situation, right, when everyone’s expecting the speaker to come and they don’t show up. So these are some positive, some benefits, positives, negatives, whatever you want to call them. Loved it. Virtual booths and areas to talk with everyone. That’s right. Trish, she was at our last event was really cool. We had booths. We had areas for people to chat. I think in retrospect, next time we would allow for more opportunity for people just to network in our lounge.


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We have a social lounge and we I had originally planned about fifteen minutes, but I think a half an hour would be kind of a safe bet. And you know what? People love to meet people people love to like. For some, it’s a little bit uncomfortable for others who are coming to events they love to be able to have the opportunity to network with like minded women, whether they’re business women or they’re interested in health and wealth or they’re interested in parenting. You know, they want to be heard. They don’t. That’s why we’re doing events. We’re not alone here in our rooms, especially especially, I mean, to have a little kid. So I can’t just go out and meet people and and we have Kowit. So a lot of reasons why events are a great way of meeting with people. So to build that into your event, I think it’s it’s essential and have enough time for that. It’s a little bit tricky.


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If you’re doing a recorded event, it’s not impossible. You could do something like a hybrid hybrid event where you mix a little bit of recorded and you have recorded sessions and then you have maybe yourself moderating it or doing a live session. So that could be another option. If you’re thinking about doing event maybe for one day or two days, a hybrid model, it having something recorded kind of relieves a little bit of that pressure from you. If it’s live, you’re like, OK, I’m on.


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Hopefully everything’s going to work. Hopefully the tech works out. Hopefully my android doesn’t come out. And if you’re in Ukraine like me, hopefully my power doesn’t cut out and I’m still there with you guys. Luckily in we were good, no power got cut out and it was fine. So I would say if you’re starting off and you’ve never done an event before, start off small, maybe start off with something like an Zoome, start off with a live event that’s maybe two sessions.


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You know, you and someone else, you get a feel of it. Then you could try doing something recorded. You could put together a summit. It’s actually not that hard. It sounds scary, but it’s really not that hard bringing people love to be on stage. People love to talk about, you know, they’re passionate about their topic. And by you creating an event, giving them a stage to speak at, people aren’t going to say many people aren’t going to say no to it. Right. So if you are in health and wellness, then you bring other health and wellness experts and they’re going to love to talk about that at the mercy of technology. Yes, we are University of Technology.


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And yeah. So if you’re just getting started, short event, small if you’re going to fail, which you probably are, we are going to fail at somehow something’s not going to work out. It is technology. Then do it little little at first and then work your way up. But. I encourage you today that it’s totally possible to do you could do both ways, you could mix it up into a hybrid and it’s going to be awesome for your business, because if you’re in business, you’re dealing with people and people love to know who they’re working with.


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And people love relationship. People love to get to know you and see if you’re a right fit or not a right fit. So I would say if you’re contemplating on doing some sort of event for your business, do it, do it, do it. It’s awesome. It’s a lot of fun. You get to know your market. You get to respond to their objections. You get to serve them in a powerful way. You get to connect with other experts 100 percent all the way.


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You should do it anyway. That is it for today on our two different or three different styles of events. I guess if you bring in hybrid, the hybrid model into there, if you guys have any questions, please let me know and let me know if I can help you in any way when it comes to virtual events. Super passionate about it. I love bringing people together. I love seeing them shine. I love creating opportunities for relationship.


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And I know that you love the same. You love people. So let me know any questions and I will talk to you next time. Have a great day. I’m going to drink my coffee. Hope you got one too. I got a cappuccino. Yeah, my husband makes a really fantastic cappuccino. Thank you, honey. I’m going to go pack up my house because we are moving in like two weeks, so we’re back. I have a great day, everyone.