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And hang on for one second. So last summer, my son, one of my sons, we were at the river and we were driving on our bikes, sort of riding on our bikes, and we’ve been told and you might have been told that you shouldn’t, like, reach out and try to catch snakes. Right. You might have heard it. You might have read it in a book. I didn’t think there were any poisonous snakes in the area, so I didn’t really realize that this would be a problem.


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We found out afterwards that as my son reached out and grabbed a snake near the river in a forest we were riding in. That his hands started swelling up. His hand started swelling up, and at first it was like he was like, oh, it’s like a bee sting, the snake bit. And it and I was like, oh, don’t worry about it. You know, I didn’t think it was poisonous. I didn’t think there were poisonous snakes in Ukraine.


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So, you know, shows what I know. He grabs the snake bites and it feels like a bee sting. And I’m like, oh, don’t worry about it. We’d get home the head start swelling up. And I’m like, Oh, dear. Maybe we should have listened to the lesson that you should not pick up snakes because they could be poisonous even in Ukraine. Also reminds me of another time when my other son for his sixth birthday, we bought him a really, really sharp knife and I wanted him to like I thought it would be really fun for him to get into, like, schnitzel in German. I don’t know what that is in English to, like, start carving things with, like on a stick. And I was like, oh, this would be really cool. You know, he’s six. We give our kids knives at six. It’s no problem for us.


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You might be thinking I’m totally crazy, but we told him as you open up, the package was like, wow and knife. We’re like, OK, it’s really sharp, right? We passed on that information to him. It’s really sharp. Be careful. Right. Every parent has said to their child a million times, right, what happens? Well, you can probably guess what happens. We told him the information. But he didn’t listen to us. What happened was he took the knife out, he he he cut himself somehow wasn’t a very bad cut. So it was OK. And it comes to us crying and and it’s like bleeding on his hand and it’s painful. And, you know, to this day, he’s never cut himself since maybe like little cuts or something. But that experience of opening up the sharp knife and cutting it was an experience that caused him to remember there’s a transformation that happened.


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Right. The information alone, I think it’s dangerous. It’s sharp. It didn’t really stick somehow. And he still played with it. And we taught him how to do it. But he still did it. Not probably not how we told him to and it cut him. So why am I talking about this? Why am I talking about vipers and sharpness? What does that have to do with business and life? Well, today I’ll be doing a master class and we’re going to be talking about virtual events, you know, that I’m passionate about. I love virtual events. I love being able to talk to people. I love interaction. And one thing that I love and so often we get caught as business owners is that we get caught in this idea that we just need to give people more information. We just need to give them more information that we’re in the information age. They need to courses they need like PDF. They need lead magnets. They need to read blogs, and that will help transform people. But the truth is. I remember that they don’t remember the information, and I came across a really cool quote, I’m going to read it to you, your customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.


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There’s something really special about. Feeling, creating feelings, something deeper, we tend to think that information is enough, but as we look at our children, if you have kids, you know that the information is not enough. The feeling is a lot stronger than the information, the feeling, the connection causes the transformation. And if you want to see real change in people, you want to help people out. You need to be thinking of outside of the box of how to connect with them emotionally and help them transform, help them experience something together with you that’s delightful and fun and and good and life changing.


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Right. So I worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years, probably like seven, eight years when I was a teenager, young adult, I loved it. I actually I really liked going out to the different tables and I love chatting with people. And I loved asking about their lives and interacting with them and being kind of more a part of their lives if they were regulars. And, you know, every day I would go and give them the specials or tell them what new beer we had on tap or, you know, all those things that I passed on, a lot of the information. Later on, I was 20 years old and I had decided that I wanted to go to the Middle East.


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I decided I wanted to go to Israel and work together there with youth mission. And for that to be able to happen, I needed to raise some money, and so I had built these relationships with people in the restaurant that I served. I had been developing, you know, just not not for any personal gain. It was just I enjoyed being with people and asking about them and about their lives. And they they enjoyed me, I think normally because I was kind of silly or interesting or whatever, but I there came to be a time where I needed to raise up some money to help to help me fund this this desire for me to go to Israel. And what I did was I together with my mom, she has amazing ideas. We put together like a wine and cheese party.


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And these people, many of them were not Christians. They like why I’m is a Christian organization. So it was interesting. They didn’t really they didn’t really care so much about, you know, what I was doing. They really cared about me and the relationship that we had. And I invited them to come to this wine and cheese party. I don’t I don’t think they came for the wine and cheese. I don’t I don’t think they came because there was like something there that they could get out of.


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They came because there was a relationship, there was a connection, there was some sort of transformation that happened that allowed that I allowed them into my life. They allowed me into theirs. And then there was this. The social boundary was broken down and we were able to create an experience together. And, you know, I still have people talk to me about that time that that party that we made. I did like raffles and all sorts of fun things. And I even sang because I trained in opera for a number of years that and I did some opera songs. And they still remember that experience. They I bet you 100 percent they don’t remember the the specials at the restaurant. They might not even remember the restaurant name. Maybe they do.


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I bet you a hundred percent they don’t remember any of that stuff that the information that I passed on to them, they probably don’t remember any of the information about the organization I was working with. They don’t remember any of that. But they did remember that we had a connection. They did remember that something happened that moved their heart. They did remember that there was an experience that was made and it was delightful and it was fun. And it it it created a movement in them and transformed them.


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Right. So this is why I say information alone doesn’t cause transformation. Right, just like the knife cuts, just like the Viper bites, don’t pick up snakes. Be careful with knives. You really only learn when you experience it and you’re like, oh, right. I experienced that. It was bad experience. That was amazing. I like that person. That was really fun. So how can you make that work for your business? This is why we’re talking about virtual events and events online, because you can create an experience for people that might interest you can create a delight for the people that you want to serve. And very often we just want to feed the more information, feed the more information. And they’re like, no, I don’t want I don’t it doesn’t connect.


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But if you create this an experience that transforms, that connects emotionally, that bonds you, that allows you to create an. Interact with one another on a human level. This is going to be hugely, hugely impactful for your business. So this is why we’re going deep tonight in a couple of hours tonight. Tonight for me this afternoon or this morning for you, if you are in the in the States, I’ll be going live at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. We’re going to be going deep into virtual events and buying psychology and monetization and all those fun words. We’re going to be going deep into what you can do to bring virtual events into your business that will create a tribe of raving fans who know, like and love you.


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Doesn’t that sound great? You want people to know you’re probably a really nice person, but people don’t know that if you don’t give them the opportunity to, you don’t give them that experience. They can’t learn about you from a PDF checklist, right? My kids are here, so I have to say goodbye for now. Make sure you can see the sign up is in the comments below or in the description. We would love to see you there, Trish. We’d love to have you with us. I’m going to go bring my kids who I love because they’re walking around with baskets on their head right now. They’re so funny.


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And yeah, it’s going to be like four. We’re going to go like four hours, going to talk about speaker outreach. We’re going to talk about, oh, my goodness, all these things, how to how to connect speakers, how to bring people in.


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Say hi. Yeah. And how to make an immersive fun event.


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Yeah. It’s got to be a lot of fun. So we’ll see you very soon. All right. Have a great day. Thank you for spending time with me.