KrisAnn Nicole (KrisAnn Nicole)

KrisAnn Nicole is an Educator, Single Mama & a Business Mindset Coach. When she’s not in the classroom or spending time with her daughter, you’ll find her teaching female entrepreneurs how to step into their role as CEO and grow their business with confidence, integrity & authenticity while creating a simple & fun process.

Episode Notes

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All right, welcome, everybody, back to the Risen Entrepreneur podcast, I’m your host, Dani Goeppert, and I’m excited to introduce you to our next guest. Today, we have like and mind set coach Kris. And welcome here, Kris. And we’re so happy to have you. Yeah, it’s good to be here, thank you for letting me join you and speak to your audience. I’m excited. Yeah.


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Before we dove into our conversation, I want to let you all know a little bit more about KrisAnn. And she is an educator, a single mom and a business mindset coach. And when she’s not in the classroom or spending time with her daughter, you’ll find her teaching female entrepreneurs how to step into their role as CEO and grow their business with confidence, integrity and authenticity while creating a simple and fun process. So what I like about that is the simple and fun we are so stuck in this hussle culture, when you jump into business, it’s like you got to hustle, you’ve got to make things work.


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You’ve got to do it. And really like your mission statement. Right. There’s like it’s the opposite of all that. So tell me how tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you become a coach and what has brought you into this world of, like, finding joy and fun as a business owner?


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Yeah, great question. So, I mean, obviously, short answer, God always, but just as a teacher, I wasn’t really making a lot of money a few years ago. And so I was like, oh, I need to start making more on my husband now, ex-husband. I wasn’t working at the time. And so I was like, well, I guess I just need to work more than what I’m already doing. So I went into the online space thinking, well, I’ll blog or affiliate marketing or something. And then I don’t even really know when exactly it happened. But I stumbled upon coaching and I just felt like this is it, this is what I was designed for.


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And at that point it no longer became about money. It became like, this is what I wanted to do for my life. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I’m going to do this. And so. I have worked with the coach for a bit, and then there was a long season not working with a coach that I worked with another coach. And so just in that, there was a lot at the beginning of the hustling and the grind and trying to be everywhere and do everything.


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And I was exhausted. I mean, I was already working full time. I felt like I was already a single mom because it just wasn’t the relationship that it should have been or could have been. And so I was like, I don’t have time to try and be on everyone’s podcast and have me on every social media platform out there and be blogging and writing emails and trying to go that list and creating new freebies all the time. And it was just way too much.


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And so I wasn’t getting any traction. There’s no traction at all, which is obvious because, you know, when you spread yourself so thin, how are you going to grow anywhere? You can’t you need to focus, right. Which is where the simplicity comes in. So it took me a while. I kind of felt burnt out from my time with that particular coach. It just wasn’t, I don’t think. The coaching was where I felt it could have been and then I don’t feel like I was where I needed to be to receive it either.


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So no blame in either direction. It just wasn’t the best match and. I feel like I did kind of learn a lot of things that I didn’t particularly want to do as a coach myself, and so then there was this kind of hiatus where I was still working on my business and stuff and showing up, but still not a lot of traction. And then I met another coach months later and started working with her and really got a lot of business strategy to help me grow like my Facebook group and actually start making money.


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And the one thing about that coach was she was a business coach, but not a mindset coach. And I knew that I needed more mindset because I am a mindset coach. So I understand how important that is for growth. And so I was like, OK, she got me kind of started and a lot of traction going. But then it was also like, OK, I know that I can still make this more fun. Right. And so there was a shift. There was this point where things shifted and I was like I was like, I’m just going to do things that are fun. I’m going to try that. I’m going to try that as a business strategy. Just do what’s fun, make things exciting. And once I made that shift into having more fun, that’s when things started happening. Like I was like, I’m just going to try this because it seems fun to me. And it was something as simple as like I had worked with my coach to build up this program.


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But then there was this piece of the program. I was like, this is an amazing piece. I think people would just love this one piece. And I was like, you know what would be fun if I just put it out there? And so if someone wanted to to have that one piece and I would just do it as a one off thing. And just because I was like, this seems fun to me, I’m just going to throw it out there and do it like that. Gained me a lot of traction. Like I made a lot of money from that decision. I was like, wait a second, that was really fun and exciting. Like, that was not doesn’t feel like work that would feel like hustling and grinding. And so I started playing with that idea of like, wait, if I just choose to do the things that are fun and exciting for me, like, is this going to work? And ultimately it works one hundred percent and it’s simple.


[00:06:09.810] – KrisAnn Nicole

I’m not trying to be everywhere and do all the things like clubhouse is the new thing. And I’m like, no, I don’t need to be on there. And that’s OK. And so it’s a lot of going back to intentionality. Like if I’m going to add something new, I need to figure out, well, why am I going to do that? What’s the what’s the vision behind it? The mission behind it, the purpose behind it? How much excitement do I feel about it? And I do this with my clients as well. It’s like, you know, we take we do an intake process before you’re going to do something new. I don’t add it until we evaluate is this something that’s going to be beneficial and is it going to be fun? Because if it’s not and it’s just something you think you need to do because someone else is doing it and they’re making lots of money or someone else told you to do it. And it’s like, wait a second, let’s bring it back to is this fun? What’s our intention behind it? So long kind of story. But that’s essentially where I’m at. And I’m sure you have some questions. But


[00:07:11.190] – Dani 

yeah. And I want to say I really, really love that because I think when I first started out in business, it was like. It was like a badge of honor to like I’m a hustler or I’m like a mama hustler or any of these, like, things that made you sound like I work hard. And I was like, but I don’t want to work hard. Like I mean, I want to I’m hard work. I do like I love my job. I love working, but I don’t want to hustle until there’s nothing left of me like that. Sounds horrible and doesn’t sound biblical either, you know, like God wants us to be full so that we can give in for our. And, you know, that’s one reason why we do virtual events is because it’s so much fun. And we just did an event yesterday and a couple of weeks ago where we brought in things that I was like, that sounds really cool.


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Like, let’s do a live music, let’s do live cooking, let’s do it live this because it sounds fun and it sounds like it’s more exciting, it’s more engaging and like no one really wants to sit in front of their computer forever and then just be like bored to tears because it’s not fun. And I think you really touched on something about choosing like what you think is fun and exciting, because when you choose that you like, you go, it’s not work anymore and you like I think your productivity, if we can call it that, probably is exponential in it because you’re like going all in your whole being is in it. You’re like passionate about it and it creates a huge impact. So I guess my question right off the bat was like, OK, but there’s other things that need to be done that are not that much fun. And I know you get that all the time. So what do you say about that?


[00:08:52.170] – KrisAnn Nicole

Yes, I love that question. It’s like my favorite question. Yeah. So I’m actually thinking about it a few weeks back, I think I was driving. I do a lot of deep thought while driving or while in the bath tub. Those are my my two times. And I was like, you know what in my life is not really fun. And so I just broke it down to simple things like chores. So doing laundry, I’m like, that’s not fun to me or doing dishes. I’m like, that’s not fun to me. And so I question, though, why isn’t that fun for me? Like, where did that decision to believe that come from? And so I was thinking about it and I was like. You know, there’s not really a reason why it’s not fun for me, like it’s not hard. It’s like I know how to do it. It takes time and I love the end result, like when the dishes are done and no dishes in the sink and they’re available for me when my clothes are put away nice and neat and I know where they’re at, instead of being in a pile on the floor in a laundry basket like I just a lot of times when we have these beliefs that we don’t ever question and go back to, like the root of why do I believe that we just like, get in our mind that, oh, this is a chore and chores or something dreadful.


[00:10:15.370] – KrisAnn Nicole

Right. So being able to to distinguish like, why do I not enjoy this? Is the first thing you really want to ask, like, why don’t I enjoy this? Is this something that I really don’t enjoy or something that I kind of took on the beliefs or feelings of other people that I’ve seen? And that’s why I don’t enjoy it. And when it comes to like hard work, so it’s like I don’t enjoy this because it’s challenging for me that’s actually, you know, like might not even be true because people there’s been studies done that make people feel happiest when they’re doing hard work.


[00:10:53.200] – KrisAnn Nicole

Right. It’s not when they achieve their goal, but it’s in the process of working towards their goal that they have the most enjoyment. So hard work isn’t necessarily like a negative thing, but we tend to think because culture tells us, oh, that’s hard work. And so that’s dreadful and it doesn’t have to be right. So first, identifying like, OK, do I really dread this or what? What are the thoughts I’m having about this that are making it something that I don’t want to do and I maybe am dreading doing?


[00:11:24.350] – KrisAnn Nicole

But then also if you’re like, yeah, I just really hate this thing finding a reason why you could love it or you could have fun doing it or you could make it fun. So I like to just simply ask, how can I make this fun or how can I make this enjoyable? So with the laundry, I’m like, OK, I might first of all, I work through that like I don’t hate it. There’s nothing about it that’s like hard or dreadful. But what I really love about it is the finished result. So I can look forward to that. I do the work to get the end result. And so when it comes to business, it’s that same concept of what is that result that I’m going to have on the other side that I’m really looking forward to. And so the hard work and working through these challenges and problem solving is going to be worth it in the end. And so it’s still they’re still going to be discomfort that comes up in our bodies, but it’s being willing to allow the discomfort of the challenge in our brain to get something done and understand something, just the understanding that there’s nothing wrong with having the discomfort. It’s OK to feel the discomfort and do it anyway.


[00:12:44.730] – Dani 

But I think I think that’s good. Like yesterday, I challenged myself. I did a like a four hour master class, which I’ve never, like, taught for hours in a row. And I was like I woke up in the morning and I was like, I don’t think I want to do this. This is a lot. Why did I do this? Why did I do this? But I’m so I knew in the morning I was like, I know that I’m going to love the end result because I want to work through this material.


[00:13:13.220] – Dani 

I want to have it done. I want to get, like, practiced at it. I want to be able to speak live in front of people in a better way. So, like, that was my thought in the morning is like I’m going to do I’m not going to e-mail people and cancel it because I just like I’m feeling like I don’t really want to do that work. It doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds like a bit of stress. But afterwards it was like, oh, I’m so glad I did. I am so glad that I went through that. I, I can take away a lot of that. I can tweak things. I served my audience. It was a great time. And so I think very, very often we’re tempted to like just like push aside those difficult things and and do the easier option because it’s like it’s simpler. It’s like it’s easier just to like and I’m kind of think of chores right now, but in my head it’s like it’s easier to like say no and I don’t write an email or something than not do it or busy myself with other tasks that don’t bring me.


[00:14:13.940] – Dani 

And I think maybe it’s important to, like you said, reframe and think about your wife, your purpose. Like, why do you want to actually have those things? Because that helped me. It was like, I want to do this because I want to get like my I want to be better at public speaking. I want to be better teaching. I want to have the stuff mapped out. I want like better lead magnets and I want all that. So there was like a whole Y behind that. And I think that we can bring that more into our business. Right. Like, why am I doing these maybe uncomfortable tasks that might be more challenging and that helps. So I love that. I’m going to take that to my social media because I that I find that tedious. Right. Like posting on social media is so for me, very tedious, maybe for other people’s awesome. But what would you say to someone who is like, OK, I like email writing. Oh, I get it. Thirty days it feels like almost like life draining tasks. What is something practical that they can do when they’re like sitting in front of the computer and procrastinating?


[00:15:19.340] – KrisAnn Nicole

Yeah. So I am a little unorthodox with the way I do things because I’m going to say like don’t do it. Why don’t don’t forced yourself because you’re not going to get like it’s not a box to be checked. And once it becomes a box to be checked, that’s when nothing great is really going to come from it. Right. Because it all goes back to how you’re showing up, which is why I am like, you need to be doing things that are fun because you’re going to show up in a completely different energy if you’re doing things that are fun versus doing things that you feel you have to do.


[00:15:55.430] – KrisAnn Nicole

Right. So so the number one goal is to get rid of things that are just not fun. But where you have to do things that aren’t really fun, that’s where we work on the mindset around it and say, well, really, why don’t you think it’s enjoyable? What thoughts are you creating around this? What are different thoughts that you can have about this? Because we always have the choice to choose different thoughts. Right. So when it comes to, like social media, you’re like, this is just sucking me dry. This is not fun, like just releasing those thoughts is going to be helpful just because I’m just not going to choose to entertain those thoughts. I am here. This is just a neutral thing. I get to do this. But a big thing that really helps me is just like asking myself what is something that I want to share with people like what’s something that has excited me lately that I just want to share?


[00:16:54.600] – KrisAnn Nicole

Because that’s really what it comes down to. Any time you’re writing copy, whether it’s an email, whether it’s a post, whether it’s the script for your next podcast episode or a blog or whatever, it’s I want to give someone transformation. And that transformation is going to come from what’s the transformations that have happened in my own life lately? Transformations I’ve got for my clients. Like it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can even just sending an email sharing about something that was funny to you without a call to action or anything like that, it’s totally fine because you’re recognizing that you’re building relationships with your people so it doesn’t have to be something that you dread. And if you read it like, why are you doing it? I also am the person that goes against the grain. When it comes to emails. I’m like, you don’t need to have an email list if you don’t want one. And you dread it because it goes back to intention. Right. So it’s like you can have an email list when you have like when you know why you want one. Like, what’s the reason behind it? Because you want to build a deeper relationship with your audience.


[00:18:07.140] – KrisAnn Nicole

Great. OK, how consistent are you going to be with it. There’s no point in just creating an email list because so and so said that’s the only thing you own. So you need to have an email list and that’s the only way you’re going to make money and you’re leaving money on the table. And all those those for lack of better terms, empty threats is what I’m going to call them. It’s like that’s not a reason to do it, because you’re going to try and build this email list and you’re never going to talk to them and you are constantly sending sorry emails every six months. Sorry I haven’t emailed you. I’m back now. I’m going to be consistent. Just kidding. Six months later. Oh yeah. I totally haven’t been on my game. Like nobody wants those emails. So it’s like if that’s going to be how you show up to it, like don’t do it right now, figure out you’re the thing that’s fun for you and do that. And also like repurpose your content. I take things that I post and I take them and I’m like, I really like that.


[00:19:06.720] – KrisAnn Nicole

I’m going to send that as an email. So don’t don’t overcomplicate it. But really just like tell a story, make it a story. Everyone loves talking. Everyone loves sharing about their life. We love talking about ourselves. Just talk about yourself in a way that makes it about them.


[00:19:23.760] – Dani 

So I love to hear when when you are starting your workday, you know, like all of us, we come to maybe have a desk, you come to your laptop and what are the things that are going through your head? What what are the habits that you’ve trained yourself in that you do on a weekly basis that really help promote joy into your work time?


[00:19:49.520] – KrisAnn Nicole

Wow, good question. So I like to say that I have more of ADHD brain and ADHD tendencies, and so I don’t have like a morning routine and I kind of do, but I don’t have, like, this rigid structure. I honestly share from inspiration. I am like as a coach. I am always a coach. Like, I’m never not learning and growing in that part of who I am. So, like, I just allow myself to be open to receiving inspiration whenever it comes. And so I might be driving. I might be like playing with my daughter and interacting with her. And she does something and it just sparks an idea in my head. I want to write about that later and like, I got it in my phone notes, so like I am. I don’t necessarily have, like, a super rigid schedule and sit down and force myself to do these things, but I know, like, I’m going to post pretty much once a day when that happens throughout the day. Does it matter? Like, the best time to post is when I decide to post. So I’m going to send an email every single week, is it going to happen on the same exact day? Every week? I try, but it’ll at least happen every single week, once a week.


[00:21:18.970] – KrisAnn Nicole

So I have that consistency, but I don’t put the demands on myself that I have to do it this time of day, the specific way and anything like that. And that freedom has allowed more joy because I, I don’t feel the pressure to perform or show up. It’s like, no, it’s going to happen. It might happen 9:00 in the morning. I’m inspired. It might happen. My inspiration into a set has to be from nine a.m. to 10 a.m., because it’s the only time I have.


[00:21:54.440] – Dani 

So do you think it’s more of a personality thing, because I know there like this sounds similar to me. I’m a very freedom loving person. Like when you start setting constraints on me, I’m like, no, I hate it. I don’t want to do it. I like retreat. And then I’m like, nope, can’t do it anymore. It’s like you’re telling you what to do. I can’t have it. So I’m wondering, like you’re saying you love this freedom and to be able to and that brings you a lot of joy. But certainly it’s like having a set day for some people probably brings them a lot of joy. And because it’s secure. Maybe I’m just making up my head.


[00:22:28.910] – KrisAnn Nicole

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, and I love being on a schedule. So as a teacher, I have my set work schedule. And then sometimes, like, I fall into like this somewhat depressed state because I’m like, I don’t know what to do with myself. There’s no there’s no schedule. So like, I like schedules to a point, but when it comes to allowing my creativity to be sparked, I just let that happen. Whenever it happens, it can be while I’m in the classroom teaching students and I do share stories about my students and how that relates to growth in in my business, growth in relationships, growth in myself, because it’s it’s all fluid. It really is like everything is fluid. It’s not like you have all these little pockets. But yeah, I think you can still have joy and freedom in a schedule. And if that’s your personality and you’re like, I like to have things very rigidly scheduled, do that. Like if that’s fun for you, that’s what I’m going for. So what’s fun for you? Don’t have to be fun for me, but I can still coach you, you know, like I could still help you figure out those fun things for you and where things aren’t fun, I could still coach you through like, OK, well, why aren’t they fun?


[00:23:53.750] – KrisAnn Nicole

How do we make them fun or say we just don’t need to be doing this? Like, don’t do it. That’s OK. And that’s one of the big things that a lot of my clients love is like I have the freedom to do it my way and I’ve never felt like I have had that freedom. And I’m like, of course you could do it your way. Every one of the people that are listening right now need to know, like, that’s your business. You get to do it your way, you create it your way. And it’s all like it’s going to be a one of a kind business. It should look like anyone else’s. You don’t have to do all those things other people tell you to do. You create your business. And that’s what’s going to bring the most joy. And if that’s a schedule, it’s a schedule. If it’s not a schedule, it’s not a schedule. But do you still want it to be consistent?  Right. Once a week. Great. So long as it falls in that week, you did it great. Doesn’t matter if it’s every Tuesday or Tuesday, one week, Thursday another, you know, make it yours.


[00:24:52.760] – Dani 

So I know there’s probably someone listening, thinking, like you say, just do what’s fun. But isn’t it about like hard work? Isn’t that like the effort? You know, I don’t feel like we’ve especially my generation and probably generations obviously before me, it’s all about like pressing through to to see that. So what would you say for the person right now who was listening and hearing like this fun? It’s like, oh, but it’s not all about the fun. Like we also need to. Just press on through until it becomes maybe more fun and enjoyable. What would you say to that?


[00:25:32.560] – KrisAnn Nicole

Yeah, I guess I would I would explore that more like why can’t it be fun? Because I just like. It goes back to the hustling and grinding and, you know, I always say, like as entrepreneurs, a lot of us are trying to transition out of our lives that we don’t enjoy to our own business where we can be our own boss and make a different level of income and do something we enjoy. But so often I find that entrepreneurs like they’re still working around to five and then they’re tagging on their business, but they’re dreading it all the same. And it’s like you didn’t you’re not trying to leave your 9:00 to 5:00 to give yourself another 9:00 to 5:00 that you hate. Right, so if you are stuck in that thought, but I need to just press through, like, stop and take a break like it it isn’t like not a long break, but just like take a break from that thought and explore like, OK. Pressing through has probably been working, to be honest, if that’s where it probably hasn’t been working for you.


[00:26:42.340] – KrisAnn Nicole

So if you could just slow down to speed up, essentially, like, how could that look right? How can I have more fun? Because that’s what you want. You don’t want to replace dread with dread. So that’s what I would say. I guess I, I like to push back because I that’s that’s what challenges us to grow. Right. It’s uncomfortable. Growth is discomfort. But someone needs to say the hard thing or ask the hard questions so that you can resist it and hate me for a bit and then maybe realize like, oh, there might have been something good in what she was saying, OK, you know.


[00:27:29.450] – Dani 

OK, so for the for the entrepreneur listening right now, who is really struggling to find joy in their business, what are some practical suggestions that you can give them to work on this week?


[00:27:43.310] – KrisAnn Nicole

Yeah, so honestly, as a mindset coach, like, that’s huge. And once you understand how your brain works, you can start using it to serve you. So simply asking yourself what would make this fun? What would bring me more joy in my business and allowing your brain to just think on that is going to open your brain to problem solve and come up with answers. And you can go and look at the research. But like asking our own brain questions is going to trigger it to start working to problem solve, to come up with the answers for those questions.


[00:28:25.850] – KrisAnn Nicole

When we simply say, I can’t, it shuts the brain down. Right. So the words that we speak are telling our brain exactly what we want it to do. So we’re like, OK, so answer this question for me. What’s going to be fun and stay with it for a bit. And like, not just sit there quietly necessarily, but just keep asking, OK, what would be fun? OK, what would what would make this more fun. What’s something fun I want to do. And my own coach even tells me she’s like I just operate in like. By asking myself, OK, what’s the next fun thing I want to do? She’s like, I pick up my kids. I’m like, OK, what’s something fun that I want to do next? And we go to the park and play. And so you can do that in in all areas. But if you don’t stop to ask your brain that question, like what would be fun and allowed to answer, you’re just going to keep hustling and going and grinding and pushing and you’re not going to get anywhere.


[00:29:16.290] – KrisAnn Nicole

So it’s really understanding that your brain will offer you things if you allow it to. Where as if you stifle it, it’s going to it’s not going to do anything for you, so it really is as simple as practicing asking questions to yourself.


[00:29:35.060] – Dani 

I just thought of something, and I’m wondering what you think about this, like, do you think it’s possible to really put that on a pedestal and almost worship it like it was just a thought? Like if we’re always putting fun ahead and saying, like, what’s most fun? You know, it’s not it’s not very fun for me to pick up our family and move two thousand kilometers. It’s like, that’s not fun, right? I mean, yes, I guess the the big the big picture behind it. Could be fun, but you don’t you don’t really know what’s going to happen, we were just talking right before I was sharing with them that we’re moving, we move to Ukraine, we’re moving back to Germany. And I just had this thought.


[00:30:15.660] – Dani 

It’s like, well, sometimes I make these decisions and they’re not me. It’s kind of exciting. It’s not really that fun. And I’m wondering if there’s a temptation there to really, like, put fun above everything and. Yeah, I’m curious to hear what you have to say about that.


[00:30:34.960] – KrisAnn Nicole

That’s a great question. So. This is getting into theology, and I have different views than a lot of people when it comes to theology. So with respect to, like worshiping, I think we over think that concept and. We think like, oh, well, I can’t have as much enjoyment in something because then that’s worship and I’m putting it before God and in what I believe is like God, God gave us these things to enjoy. And us having fun and enjoying them doesn’t mean that we we love them over him. Right. And and I always bring it back to to the father relationship. Right. Jesus came to reveal God, his father, because before that people were like, oh, he’s not a father.


[00:31:26.100] – KrisAnn Nicole

He’s like, I’m his servant. I’m like, I can’t talk to him. I’d have to go to the priest to be able to talk to him and still talk to him. I have to talk to the priest and priest priest like this, this intercession and all the stuff. And so the idea of a father, it’s like if my dad got me something and I was like super excited and was just like when I was young, he used to buy me video games or whatever, and he’d get me this new game and he he’s like, let’s go play it.


[00:31:57.540] – KrisAnn Nicole

And I was like, Oh, I’m so excited about that game. Like, my dad wasn’t sitting there like, oh my goodness, how dare you be so excited about that game, but you’re not excited about me. I’m the one that gave you that game. Like you’re worshiping that game over me. Like that doesn’t make any sense. Right? Just like when I get my daughter, like, toys and things, I’m so excited that she’s excited about them. I’m not like, well, why aren’t you looking at me and excited toward me? Like, she’s like, I love you, mom. You’re the best. I’m like, Yeah, OK, now let’s play with this toy together. And so when we realize, like, God is is a perfect father, he allows these good things for us to to enjoy. And he’s not like over there thinking, oh, well, why don’t you looking at me?


[00:32:45.450] – KrisAnn Nicole

But he’s with us joining in that fun and enjoyment with us, like he’s enjoying our joy and having more like that’s how I view it. So I never be like, oh, I’m worshiping this thing over God because like, he’s like he’s in me like, there’s not this. Part where he ends and I begin, and so I’m doing something outside of him like he is inside of me, we are doing this life together. So where I’m having this joy and excitement like that’s from him and he’s loving that. So that’s my perspective. With respect to your question.


[00:33:26.160] – Dani 

That’s good. I mean, I can throw you on the spot there, but it was just a thought. And, you know, I can imagine you’re listening. Someone could be listening to this being like, is it even right to have fun? You know, is it isn’t that dangerous? Right. We come from all different backgrounds. So I know that maybe someone totally disagrees with that. That’s OK. You’re allowed to disagree.


[00:33:49.050] – KrisAnn Nicole

Absolutely. It’s not a case of salvation. It’s what I always say. So it’s just a case of how we’re going to live on this earth.


[00:33:56.360] – Dani 

But I agree. I mean, God, it’s a pleasure. And when we look in and he I love the illustrations with food because I love food and him like serving us in the end at a beautiful banquet and a festival and all these different images of celebrations, then I think God is a God who embodies like joy and pleasure and enjoyment of food and and and being like friends and relationships like those are beautiful things. So I’m not going to disagree with you.


[00:34:28.680] – Dani 

It’s just a it’s just a thought that I wonder if there’s like I wonder if there’s a danger that. There that you would like put fun in before something else, before, like, OK, I’m called to somewhere that I don’t really want to be, but then at the same time I’m like, well, maybe God will put on your heart. And then you you take a lot of joy going to that place, even if you’re unsure of what it looks like or do that particular thing that you might not want to do at first.


[00:34:58.690] – Dani 

And then you realize, OK, like I remember working in a soup kitchen or working at a Salvation Army, and there was sometimes where I was like, I don’t know if I really want to do this, but it was such a joy afterwards when I realized, wow, like the people that I got to to meet, like they blessed me more than I was able to bless them. So there was joy that happened actually after. So I think it’s interesting. It’s cool. So we’re coming to the end of this time. And I’m wondering. Yeah. What what are what would you like to leave our audience with today?


[00:35:38.610] – KrisAnn Nicole

Yeah, great question, I would say definitely have more fun if you’re not having fun in your business and let go of the things that are not fun, that are unnecessary and you don’t have a good intention behind them. And also, I do just want to touch on that real quick. The question we were just going over, because James, one or two says, count it all, Joy, when you meet various trials so that when we are facing things that don’t seem like fun, it’s like count it joyful, like make it fun. So I think that’s the scripture that we can walk away with to say like it’s not wrong to to look toward joy and look toward having fun. And I think that’s what Daddy would want us to enjoy life and enjoy the things that he’s given us.


[00:36:32.080] – Dani 

All right. And right before we end, could you just let us know a few things that bring you inspiration during your week? Maybe it’s a book, maybe it’s music. I don’t know. But let us know and we get this,


[00:36:43.300] – KrisAnn Nicole

OK? This is putting me on the spot. What brings me joy? I think being around my family and. Teaching my students, teaching my clients, coaching my clients like I’m a people person, I guess people bring me joy and just my thoughts about them and just how I can serve people. That’s what brings me joy and inspiration.


[00:37:10.590] – Dani 

Cool. Thank you. Thank you so much for your time today, KrisAnn. And I want to thank everyone who’s been listening and hanging out with us for your time here. I also want to let you know that you can go ahead and go to KrisAnns website. It’s You can find a link on this page as well. And you can go ahead and schedule a concert call with her, because I’m sure she would love to talk to you. If you are wondering how can I add more joy?


[00:37:35.820] – Dani 

I need someone to really help me because I realize that there are some issues there that need to be dealt with and I want to be released out of those things. So that is, or you can just click the link on the page that you see. So thank you for being here. Have we?


[00:37:51.160] – KrisAnn Nicole

Thank you. Yeah, you do. All right. So for now, everyone.