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So let’s talk about firing yourself today. Doesn’t that sound good? You want to be fired? Okay. Maybe that actually doesn’t sound like a great thing, but I had a recent epiphany, and it’s actually not really any big news in business.


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You see employees everywhere and people working for other people. But I think often as if you’re a solar entrepreneur, Mama preneur, however you view yourself, you kind of think that you need to put on this one woman show, right? Do you feel like you have to do it all to make sure it’s done properly the way I want. Do you have kids at home? Like, I have five little kids?


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And I tend to like things done a certain way. Once I started to let go of wanting to have things done the exact way that I wanted them to be done, I was able to allow my kids little by little to start taking over things that didn’t really require my expertise, like, I can update the dishwasher. But my ten year old is our eleven year old is actually a lot better at this point. And my time I can spend on other things. So as I grew in my outsourcing and within my family, now I have a schedule that my kids are all working off of since the last.


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I think we’ve been doing it about a year, and it’s been amazing on they are bigger kids, like we also have little ones who don’t do as much. But our bigger kids, they know exactly what to do. They’re clearing the table, their wedding floor, they’re taking over things, and it really releases me to do a lot of other things, maybe other things that bring you more passion than sweeping the floor and wiping the table. Now, how does this relate to your business in my business? Well, the other day, I had a really busy week.


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We had a funeral to go to. We had, I think, appointments. It was just there was a lot of stuff going on, and one of my vision, one of my purposes in our business is to be able to employ people, especially people from countries that are not as fortunate as, for instance, Germany, Germany is super rich, and we spent a few years in Ukraine, so that’s one of the countries on my heart. So I have been actively looking for people that I Dani can invest in as virtual assistance.


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So I have a couple of virtual assistants. So I’ve been using on and off for the last couple of years, depending on what I’m doing, what projects I’m working on. And I decided to pick this back up again. We have a couple events coming up, some really big ones. We have the Biblical Sexuality Summit coming in January and in November we have the Risen Messenger event, which are going to be big.


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And I need help with that. Right. I also do some graphs, graphic work for people on the side. And now I have my hands on a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I’m not saying this is a good idea for you.


[00:03:10.620] – Dani

That’s just how I am right now. I love doing graphics, kind of like a passion hobby of mine, but I needed help fulfilling in order for a client. And I had already done the recording explaining how to put things together, what I was expecting, and I handed it over to one of my lovely VAS, and we were really busy. We’re driving all around, and I came back to check on the project that we were working on together. And I was so happy because she had taken off of, like, a few hours of work that I had did a fantastic job.


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And I was just so relieved because in the time that she was working on that, I’m helping her one financially. And also we have a relationship, more of a relationship now, which is really cool from last year, but two or three whenever we are, she helped relieve me to be able to spend time with my family. For instance. Right. I take Saturdays off.


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We have Shabbat. We don’t do anything he doesn’t. Or maybe she do a different day off. And she was able to complete work when I was taking time off to be with my family. And that’s one of the most important things for me and my business is that it doesn’t consume me.


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It’s not 100% reliant on everything that I do because I have other people who are able to take things off of me and work together with them, just like my kids in our household, my husband also in our household. We’re kind of sharing it together. Yes, they also get paid a little bit for getting a bigger chore, but it’s really relieved me. It’s worth my investment of money to have that freedom to kind of step away or have that freedom to focus my talents and my energy on things that I’m really good at.


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So I’m in the process here of building up my team.


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I’m not there yet. I’m sure you can listen to other people who are like 100% there. They have great teams, and they have all the wisdom when it comes to outsourcing and building it. But I’m sharing with you today, just as I’m developing and becoming a leader in my solar renewable in my faith, preneur business in my Mama preneur business, that it doesn’t always need to be reliant on my blood, sweat and tears. And I think so often we have this idea that everything that is attached with, especially if you’re a woman, it needs to be because you have done the work yourself, right?


[00:05:51.680] – Dani

You have you have done those things yourself. No one else has helped you. You’re the strong, conquering woman who does it perfectly. Or maybe you have issues kind of letting go of things and letting people do things a way that you wouldn’t normally do it. I have that in her household.


[00:06:09.510] – Dani

Sometimes I’m like, oh, I would do such a better job sweeping, right. But I don’t want to be stuck sweeping all the time. Do you? Do you want to be the one who’s sweeping in your business all the time? No.


[00:06:17.550] – Dani

You’d rather pay someone else to do that so you can be creative so you can have more time with your clients so you can be you in a really great way. Right. So fire yourself. What are some steps that you can take today that will help fire yourself either from your household? Maybe you can start right here right now, just looking at your house.


[00:06:40.070] – Dani

Like, how can you outsource and allow people the opportunity to flourish and grow? Because the same thing is with my kids as they’re learning to do these things, at least in my business. I’m also helping young women grow in their skills that I hope that they can use with other entrepreneurs. Maybe they want a VA for someone else in the future, but they’re gonna know how to do these things because they’ve been working together with me. So I get to invest in them financially.


[00:07:05.740] – Dani

But also I get to invest in their education in their future. And that’s the cool thing when you think about outsourcing that way, it’s like you’re not being lazy. You’re not trying to get rid of stuff. You’re not just trying to pay people off, but you’re investing into them and allowing them to partner with you to make a great business and partner into their lives, help them gather skills that they might not have at this point. So those are some great benefits of firing yourself.


[00:07:29.940] – Dani

I encourage you highly to do it. You don’t have to be the one woman show. You can stop. You can. So take some steps today.


[00:07:37.610] – Dani

Look around your house. What can you do to outsource? Look at your business. What are simple things that are perhaps really repetitive that you’re able to outsource. For instance, I have someone helping with my podcast that she’s probably watching this video right now, taking it and putting it into a podcast format so that people can listen to me.


[00:07:53.240] – Dani

I don’t have to do that, but she can do it for me. And it’s awesome because then I can focus on other things. I love building funnels. I love making virtual events. I’m good at those things.


[00:08:01.890] – Dani

I would like to focus on that. Right? And so look at your business. What are things that are maybe repetitive things that are a little bit tedious for you right now that someone would be really happy to take off of you and it doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to get someone to do that and look for it.


[00:08:21.380] – Dani

There are a lot of virtual assistant communities out there. I can’t even remember where I found. You just need to go ask around. If you need suggestions, write me. Ask me if you are looking for a virtual assistant.


[00:08:32.320] – Dani

I’m sure I can find and hook you up with someone amazing. And my encouragement for you today is tire yourself. Okay, so go ahead. You have my permission by yourself. Have a great day.


[00:08:47.440] – Dani

Thank you so much for spending time with me. Make sure if you want to come to our Risen Messenger conference, I’ll place the link below and you can send it for a waiting list. It’s going to be November 30 through December. And gonna be a lot of fun. And I have.


[00:09:03.440] – Dani

I think we have almost like, 30 speakers or something is going to be huge. So good. So I will talk to you next time. Thanks again. Have a great day.