Rebekah Welch Moorehead

Rebekah Welch Moorehead is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  Her desire to own her own businesses stems back into her childhood, when she dreamed of having her own bookstore and  coffee shop. Over her young adult years, she began to doubt her dreams and focused on the typical American path, go to college, get a job, retire. 


Rebekah tried that, but was very unhappy, which led her on a now over 12 year journey into personal growth and development.  Following the teachings of Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and Jennifer Jayde just to name a few. Her obsession with personal growth and business development have blossomed into a coaching practice in which she empowers women to grow soul aligned businesses that are not only fulfilling but highly profitable as well.

Episode Notes

[00:00:03.830] – Dani

Perfect. Welcome back, everyone, to the Risen Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m once again your host, Danny, and I am excited to introduce you to our next guest, Rebecca Welch Moorehead saying, saying Hello to us this morning. Well, at least her morning from California. Hey, Rebecca, welcome here.


[00:00:23.270] – Rebekah

Hi, Danny. Thank you so much for having me today.


[00:00:26.450] – Dani

We’re so happy to have you. And we’re going to be talking all about money and money mindset today. But before we go deeper into that, I’m going to let everyone who’s watching and listening know a little bit more about Rebecca before we dive in. She is a multi, passionate entrepreneur. Actually, when I read that, I think what entrepreneur is a multi passionate because we love everything. But she is one of us, my friend. She is one of us multi passionate entrepreneur. Her desire is to own her own businesses stemmed all the way back into her childhood when she dreamed of having her own bookstore and coffee shop.


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And over her young adult years, she began to doubt her dreams and actually focused on the typical American path, going to school, getting a job, retiring. And so she tried. She’s done that, done it, and was actually really unhappy. And this has led her now to over twelve years, a twelve year journey into personal growth and development, following teachings of people like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Jennifer Jade. Just to name a few. Her obsession with personal growth and business development have blossomed into a coaching practice in which he empowers women to grow sole aligned businesses that are not only fulfilling but highly profitable as well. All right. Rebecca, welcome.


[00:01:46.490] – Rebekah

Thank you so much. And I’m so excited.


[00:01:49.430] – Dani

Thank you. Okay. I like to begin with. I would love for you to share a little bit about your story. Do you have your bookstore in Cafe during that?


[00:02:01.790] – Rebekah

I don’t have a bookstore and cafe yet, but I’m never going to cross that off my list. I think one day I will. But really, the journey into entrepreneurship started for me. I met a young woman. I would say this is when it rescarped my dream. I met a young woman who was making handmade soap and body butter, and she was selling that as her business. And so she gave me some of her products. And I just very clearly remember her telling me a little bit about ordering her ingredients and that something in me was totally inspired.


[00:02:52.250] – Rebekah

She was like, oh, yeah, I’m getting beeswax from Canada. I’m getting these oils from Brazil. And this is how I make my stuff. And that’s actually where I started. I started making body Butters and selling them on Etsy, and that grew into an ecommerce business selling handmade skincare and bath products. So that journey was quite a learning experience. So doing it all from scratch, not just making the products but the photos, the listings, the editing, the marketing, learning how to find customers, learning how to get my products into a store or all of it.


[00:03:42.950] – Rebekah

I learned it from different sources. I took courses connected with different mentors. And really, all of that knowledge and experience is what birth now my coaching practice because I realized I went through so much to create this business, to make it successful, to create what I was envisioning. And I wanted to help other women do the same thing. So that’s how coaching came about, really my desire and my passion to help other people.


[00:04:28.010] – Dani

And I think that’s kind of the perfect business for it. You see, so many coaches, they’ve gone through all of this, like the story. And then the natural drive is like, how can I help others do this? How can I help them fast track into not making all the mistakes that I did and kind of consult coach them into making better decisions. Now I’m curious. So you’re probably bootstrapping and, like, doing it all yourself, and we’re going to be talking about money. And so my first question, while I was thinking about as we’re talking about money is like the typical solopreneur, especially when you hop in to starting business yourself.


[00:05:16.390] – Dani

You’re, like, overwhelmed with all of these new things. You’re doing your courses, you’re spending money on courses. You’re maybe spending money on coaching. You’re maybe trying to save money and do everything yourself. And there tends to be like, this tension that manifests of, like, scarcity, even right. At least I found that when I first started business, I was like, I don’t want to spend any money on my website. I want to try to do it for free. And I’m wondering, what is the danger with having that kind of mindset?


[00:05:52.510] – Rebekah

Well, first of all, is if you’re not willing to take some risk and make some investment at some point, you’re just going to burn yourself out. It’s. Almost impossible to do everything from scratch for free by yourself. You only have so many hands. You only have so many hours in a day. And especially because I work with women a lot of money. The people I work with, they have kids, they have a partner, they have a lot of other responsibilities outside of their business. Really, what happens if you’re afraid to put a little money into it? You’re afraid to hire a little help when you need to is you really just end up burning yourself down?


[00:06:51.590] – Dani

Yeah. I remember feeling at the beginning because it was a bit of risk. And because I had family that I was stealing from my family, taking that extra money. Have you ever encountered that?


[00:07:06.410] – Rebekah

I have! And even sometimes now, even through all the years and journey and the work that I’ve done with coaches, sometimes I have felt like I put all this money into my business. I invested all this money into a coach or a course or even just hiring temporary help with writing or things like that and I think where else could that money have gone that would have more directly impacted, like my family or my household. But really, ultimately, if my business is supporting my family and I am seeing and it may not happen right away, but eventually you stick with it.


[00:08:04.190] – Rebekah

You start to see the returns on your investment that then in turn goes back into your household. Right. And it’s money. But also time if I’m trying to do everything myself, if I’m doing all of the tasks myself, spending 20 hours a day working in my business, when am I going to see my kids? When am I going to have time to spend my husband? But if I’m taking a little money investing in someone who can help me with some of those more tedious tasks, freeing up my time.


[00:08:41.030] – Rebekah

Now I have time to spend with my kids. Now. I can take them to school and I can go on a date with my husband and not be totally stressed. Things aren’t getting done in the office.


[00:08:52.130] – Dani

I think that is such an important lesson to learn. Just a couple of podcast episodes ago, I talked about how you should fire yourself. And it was this realization of. Well. My dream is to build up a business that doesn’t need me, right? That’s like we want to have a business that’s not fully on the brunt of my shoulders. If I don’t do the work, nothing happens. That sounds like slavery, pain that I have to do something right. On the other hand. Okay. So what had happened was I had a big order. That because I also do some graphics, and I love to. It’s kind of like a hobby of mine. I had a client, and I was like, we’re traveling as a family. And just recently, I brought in my VAS again that have worked on and off with me throughout the last couple of years. And I was like, I love doing it. It’s more of my hobby, a passion. But sometimes it gets a bit tedious, right. And so I was like, I need to bring in someone to help me finish this order because I don’t want to spend 10 hours moving things.


[00:10:05.030] – Dani

And so we were driving back from I don’t know. I think we were driving also from Salzburg, and we’re currently in Salzburg right now. We’re driving back to Germany, and I was like, you know what? I’ll try her out. She hasn’t done a lot of graphic stuff before, but let’s see and kind of gave the task, and you have to figure out how to delegate that’s another thing to be learned. And I arrived home to have the order pretty much finished. It just needed me to do a couple of things.


[00:10:33.770] – Dani

And I was like, Why haven’t I done this before? It cost me. How much am I worth? Like, my hours. How much am I charging my clients? And can I take a portion of that and outsource those tedious tasks that make me free to travel with my family and to be with my kids. And is that worth it? And I was like, as I thought about that, and I looked at her work, I was like, not only am I helping employ someone else and give them a life and sustenance, but I’m freeing myself up to be with my family.


[00:11:10.610] – Dani

And it’s that kind of shift where you kind of remove yourself and you let go a little bit and you’re actually blessing someone else. You’re blessing your family and you’re blessing someone else’s work and you’re blessing three people. I guess I love that.


[00:11:27.770] – Rebekah

Yeah. That is so true. And that makes me think of ultimately, most of us, even if we desire increase in our income or we want to hit a certain dollar amount. It’s not about the dollars. We’re not out here working to make money just to have stacks of dollar bills on the table. Right. The things that we do with the money is what’s important. So it is about blessing someone you’re able to bless someone with work. That’s amazing. What else are you doing? Even all the money that you circulate in your local economy, on your daily basis, your groceries, you’re buying the gas you put in your car, even all of those things.


[00:12:20.970] – Rebekah

They’re affecting other people. That’s keeping people working. That’s keeping other businesses running. Essentially, you’re supporting an economy like we all do our part. And it really is a wonderful thing when you think about how your dollars are moving through the world.


[00:12:45.830] – Dani

Have you seen. Like. A direct connection or correlation to how we view our money and how much we earn in our business?


[00:12:58.370] – Rebekah



[00:13:03.090] – Rebekah

I do notice, like if we are in that scarcity mindset and not wanting to put the money in and trying to scrape and save every cent, I do notice for those people, and I’ve been there myself. The sales are harder to come. The money doesn’t flow in easily where it doesn’t flow out with ease. And I don’t mean to spend your money frivolously. But if there’s tension and restriction in your spending, it’s going to come back to you the same way. It’s going to be tense and it’s going to be restricted and it trickles in slowly.


[00:13:48.450] – Rebekah

Where as when you have a more free relationship with money and you are comfortable with investing and making smart decisions when it comes to those investments, it’s almost like just the gates open and the sales just kind of flow in naturally. And it really has to do with the energy that we have around money, like, the energy you have, putting it out is the same. You’re going to get back as it comes in.


[00:14:24.630] – Dani

So where do you think it’s a good place for someone to start who is like, I am holding on so tight to every Penny that comes in. It’s so hard for me. I want to be generous. But I can’t be like, I’m afraid, right? What would you say would be really helpful for them right now in their business and their life and money. Where did they start?


[00:14:47.910] – Rebekah

So mindset is so important, really in all aspects of life. But specifically, when it comes to money, if you’re having a hard time letting it go and you’re really holding on to it with a tight vest, I would invite you to take some time to really look into your upbringing. It’s going to take a little time to kind of dig up some memories. And where does that come from for you? What experiences did you have as a kid, the adults in your life growing up, what were their messages around money?


[00:15:38.150] – Rebekah

Maybe that’s how it was when you were growing up, and that’s just how you’ve been raised. Is that money is tight. We don’t spend money. Or maybe money was never talked about. So you’re really uncomfortable with it. There’s a lot of different things that could happen. One thing that I tend to talk about with people is because aging myself a little bit. I grew up in the 80s and 80s. As far as my experience growing up in America, it was all about TV shows, and the family sitcom was really common.


[00:16:19.170] – Rebekah

And so even when I think about some of the shows that I watched as a kid, it seemed like usually the family was struggling, a lot of them. Now the family would be struggling financially. And a very common theme would be something to the effect of there’s some kind of windfall. Someone won a contest or something happened where, like, this big lump of money comes in. And by the end of the episode, it’s gone. And I just realized that was something that I realized there was this theme of even if you did have a lot of money, you wouldn’t be able to keep it.


[00:17:00.210] – Rebekah

So you might even think about what were your favorite things to watch as a kid. Maybe it was a movie you watched over and over again. It may have had some kind of impact on your mindset around money now, like, maybe there was a character in that movie who was filthy rich, had all the money in the world, but wouldn’t give a dollar away. Maybe that’s where it’s coming from. It could be a lot of things. But that’s what I would invite you to do. Think about your childhood a little bit.


[00:17:31.590] – Rebekah

Think about your upbringing, things that your parents or adults around you said, and maybe Journal it out, like, write it out, take some time with it. And you might find, oh, that’s where that’s coming from. And that’s the starting point of making changes is realizing where it started.


[00:17:52.590] – Dani

Well, that’s good. I think that so often it’s really hard for us to stop and think about those things. We’re speaking right now to entrepreneurs. And that’s like the person who’s, like, figuring things out, going going. So I can imagine that being really challenging for someone to be like, I have to stop and Journal it out.


[00:18:17.110] – Rebekah

When do I have time to do that?


[00:18:18.610] – Dani

When do I have time to do that? How worth it? How is this going to be valuable to me? What would you say to that person? I’m busy. I have so much stuff I have to do…


[00:18:32.890] – Rebekah

Right! Because we all do. We are all busy. We all have a lot to do. I would say this from my own experience. Is that one? You’ve got to put time into yourself. That’s absolutely necessary. One a coach that I worked with previously used to say, you are your primary client. So you’ve got to treat yourself like top notch. You’ve got to treat yourself and give to yourself and focus on yourself more than anyone else. And it’s not about being selfish. But how can you serve other people?


[00:19:31.250] – Rebekah

Whether that be your customers, clients, family. How can you give to them if you’re not full? So I know, like you say, oh, I can’t sit down here in Journal. I’ve got things to do, but it doesn’t have to take long. Really. It could be five to ten minutes, a few days a week, or even just having the thought, like opening the idea. Now, what were some of the things that I experienced as a kid that might be affecting how I’m investing or how I’m making money now, opening that thought.


[00:20:16.730] – Rebekah

Now you’ll start to notice things will come up tomorrow. Next week, you’ll start to remember. Oh, yeah. My mom used to stay all the time. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t have money for that. You heard that over and over and over as a kid that’s ingrained in you. And so if these things start to come up throughout the week, okay, maybe you’re not sitting down with a Journal for an hour, but maybe you have a notebook that you keep around handy. I know I do.


[00:20:51.110] – Rebekah

I keep tiny, little tiny composition book. I always have somewhere to write. It could be your phone, and we all carry our own right. Like all the time. You have no apps. It doesn’t have to be paper and pen. Take a minute to jot it down. When it comes up, you don’t have to sit and meditate for an hour with your Journal and write. If that’s not what’s calling you, but make some effort to recall those memories and to record them so that you can address and heal from that.


[00:21:34.610] – Dani

You mentioned a couple of times that you had a coach or you talk to a coach. And now I’m wondering, you can take what Rebecca is saying and just do it yourself, right? You can just Journal. That would be the free option. It just costs time. What would you say, Rebecca? Is the difference between trying to do this yourself and working together along with the coach or even in a group program.


[00:22:01.490] – Rebekah

Right! It’s night and day. I can’t even express the difference. And I will say, like in my early years when I was doing my bath and body business, when I was setting up ecommerce, like I said, I did a lot myself, and even when I did invest in help, it would be like a self study course. It was not the level of investment that I started making when I wanted to become a coach. And the difference is monumental. We live in a day and age where you can look anything up on the Internet, like, if you have access to WiFi, which I think it’s a very high percentage, like 80% of the world have access to the Internet or something like that.


[00:23:00.630] – Rebekah

Don’t quote me on that number, but there’s so much information out there and it’s so easy to access. There’s so many people out there offering their opinion. You could get thousands of different ways to do one thing. How do you know what’s going to work just out there randomly searching? So when you want to achieve some results, I cannot stress how much easier, how much more effective it is to find someone who has already achieved that result and learn directly from that person.


[00:23:55.270] – Dani

I heard that from, like most business owners or entrepreneurs, they really saw drastic change in their business when they started investing, investing into themselves and into coaching. At least that’s what I experienced in my business where I was like, it was like night and day, just like you said. And I’m not saying that everyone needs a coach, although I would highly suggest it if you’re in business, because there’s so much stuff that like you’re talking so much stuff from your past gets like, dredged up. You’re kind of going into this unknown future.


[00:24:35.590] – Dani

You’re taking risks. There’s so many I always call it like the best personal development course ever is being in your own business because all of these things, these challenges, these fears that you never experienced are all of a sudden, like, rearing their heads and to deal with that alone, I don’t know if it’s possible. I don’t know. I’m very thankful for coaches and for friends and colleagues. Community.


[00:25:05.170] – Dani

And speaking of community, actually, you have a Facebook community. Could you tell us a little bit about you also have a mindset guidebook. And I’m wondering if you could tell us a little bit about those.


[00:25:16.330] – Rebekah

Yeah. So the community is I have a Facebook group free group for women who have or would like to start businesses. It’s called Visionary Women Entrepreneurs, and it’s a nice, intimate community. I try not to just randomly add as many people as possible. Like, it’s not about that. It’s about being able to connect, being able to learn and to grow plenty of training videos in there that I’ve done. And then I do, like workshops or master class in there from time to time, so that’s usually every month or two.


[00:26:09.590] – Rebekah

So plenty of learning experience comes from that group. And then I do have a Wealth Mindset guide that I offer really just a short read. It’s not like 100 pages or anything. It’s just a few pages, but it’s really a way of just starting that shift in your mindset from scarcity to wealth and growth with your money.


[00:26:41.450] – Dani

Awesome. And… That link will be below. Wherever you’re watching or listening, you will have the links to grab that Mindset guide and access the group. If that is something that is needed right now for you, we are coming to the end of our talk, and I’m just wondering if there’s someone right now and you’ve stirred something up. They know that finance is an issue. They’re thinking back to those things. Okay. Yeah.


[00:27:19.070] – Dani

My parents did say that this is affecting my business, and I’m wondering what you can save that person right now.


[00:27:29.330] – Rebekah

I would say once you acknowledge this issue, it’s time to fix it. It’s time to take care of it so that you can be fully successful, fully abundant, and really enjoy the spoils of your work. So like, Daniel and I talked about investing in a mentor coach and someone to help you really is the next step for you. And I encourage you to do that. Yeah.


[00:28:06.450] – Dani

And I wholeheartedly agree with that. I think community and relationship and I’ve talked about this quite often on the podcast is relationship. It’s really all about relationships. And I see a huge correlation between the people that you are communicating with and participating with in your business. Either it’s your network or it’s a mentor situation like they’re further ahead or someone that you’re actually investing into their coaching, their expertise. Those relationships make all the difference in your life and in your business. So, yeah, 100% agree with that.


[00:28:46.950] – Dani

All right. Did we leave anything out? Is there anything that we’re missing and that you’d like to end our session with.


[00:28:58.290] – Rebekah

I think we pretty much covered everything we set out to talk about today. I’m really thankful for you having me here, and I just want to encourage anyone watching or listening to take some time and invest in yourself. You will never regret it, I promise. Yeah.


[00:29:17.070] – Dani

That’s a really good point. You will never regret it. You’re never going to regret and you can’t ever, ever waste your knowledge, right? It’s going to go in. It’s going to help you in any other relationship in the future. It’s going to help you in developing your business. It’s going to be helpful if you are called to help other people with that information, you can never waste investing in yourself. That’s a good note to leave off on. Thank you so much for being with us here today, Rebecca. I appreciate it.


[00:29:49.890] – Rebekah

Thank you, Danielle.


[00:29:51.510] – Dani

And I want to say a special thank you to everyone who was watching or listening to us at this time. Make sure you like subscribe to the podcast like us on Facebook. Wherever you are watching this, make sure you go to those links below and grab that free guide from Rebecca and join her Facebook group. If you are needing you’re starting your business and you need some community, that’s the place to go. So thank you, everyone, for being here with us and investing your time with us because I really appreciate the time that you’ve invested hanging out with us today.


[00:30:25.230] – Dani

So have a great day, everyone. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye.