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Hey, everyone happy to be here today.


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If you don’t know me already, I’m Danny. And if you’re listening to me or watching me, I am founder of who is an entrepreneur and am also the host of the Written Messenger conference, which is coming up in just a couple no at the end of November, which I’m really excited about today. I want to talk to you a little bit about one of my not so hidden business strategies that I really love, and I think everyone should probably do it if you like people and you serve people and you want to get to know people better and you’re in the business of helping people.


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If that’s you, then I’m going to open the veil of something that I really love to do and something that I think is really powerful and maybe even underutilized. And that is the power of interviews.


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Power of interviews. Now, you might be wondering, you might be thinking, I’m no journalist. Why do I need to interview people? I don’t have, like, a news network or any of that. Well, if you aren’t already, you should be publishing.


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If you’re running a business or Ministry and you want to impact people, they need to know where to find you right. And at this point, it’s not just enough to have a really flat website that has a picture of you saying, hey, I want to help you. No, people want to know you and like you and they want to trust you. And it’s only then that they say, yes, I want to invest in you. Yes, I want to partner with you.


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They need to be able to know you. So if you’re not publishing, you got to start doing that now. All right. Either a podcast or a blog or on YouTube or on Facebook lives or on Instagram Lives wherever. Just start publishing so you can Hone your voice and get better at talking, get better at putting yourself out there and figuring out what people want, how you can help them and to interview people.


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This is one reason I love to have my own publishing. My own platform is because I can invite people on and not only do I get to lift them up and promote them because I think that’s really cool. I love to promote people. I love to kind of make shine the spotlight on them and hear about their businesses. But I also really like connecting with them.


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And because I am in the realm of business entrepreneurship kingdompreneurship Christian entrepreneurship, however you want to call it. I work a lot with coaches and consultants and service providers and online businesses. I love to have them on and interview them and hear all about their business and all about how God has called them to do what they do. And the thing is that interviews are powerful in a number of ways. One you get to connect with someone kind of face to face, like, you’re having a coffee date with someone.


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Right. And number two, you’re creating content valuable content for the people that you’re both serving. You’re creating content that’s valuable for both of your audiences. And so together, you’re creating something out of nothing, which is awesome. You’re sharing wisdom, you’re teaching you’re giving value.


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But you’re also bringing each other’s list together, each other’s audience. So you’re growing your businesses together. And you’ve probably heard me say this before, but I’m all about relational business, growing networking. I think it’s awesome. I think it’s the bees knees.


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If you can say something like that, I love it because I think it’s all about relationships. It’s all about people, right? Seeing what they need, how you can help each other, how you can grow your businesses together. So interviews are really powerful for your business. And it also gives you the opportunity to reach out to people that you kind of like, look at in the distance and you’re like, oh, my goodness.


[00:03:57.410] – Dani

I really love that person. And I would really love to talk with her and geek out with her about that topic. Right. So, for instance, yesterday, I’m putting together the Risen Messenger conference, and there’s, like, a bunch of women who I’m like, oh, I would love it if they could speak at this conference. I would really love it.


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And I would love to sit and chat with them and just pick their brains about whatever your geeked up topic. I love business. I love entrepreneurship. I love marketing. I love the online space.


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I love God. And so I find women who kind of, like, fit all of these buckets and kind of reach out to them. So yesterday, and you may not know her, but I really, really admire her. And it’s Eileen Wilder, and she’s kind of like, on my she’s, like, eight level people, how you might kind of, like, rate people. And she’s on the top of my skill where I’m like, oh, that’s so cool.


[00:04:49.130] – Dani

I love what she’s doing. I love how she’s growing.


[00:04:53.030] – Dani

And I reached out to her. And, like, a year ago, I would have never done that. Maybe just over a year, I would have never done that. I would have been like, she doesn’t even know who I am. I’m like, nobody.


[00:05:02.510] – Dani

I don’t have anything to offer. Like, why would you want to talk to me? Right? But now I’m like, okay, you know what? I have a reason I want to talk to her.


[00:05:10.670] – Dani

I have both a show and a conference that I’m putting together. I’m going to ask her to speak at her conference. And the worst thing that can happen, really, if you’re wondering, is that she can say no. So I wrote her, and I’m like, I’m expecting that her schedule is going to be busy, right? And she’s like, Well, normally I don’t do this.


[00:05:30.110] – Dani

Normally, I have a Speaker’s fee, but I’ll talk to my team I’m like, so cool. She’s going to talk to her team. Right. And she gets back to me. She was like, you know what?


[00:05:40.070] – Dani

I love your vision. I’m so excited. Yes. I would love to be part of this. And she’s speaking at Pedro.


[00:05:47.810] – Dani

I don’t even know if I’m saying his last name, probably. She spoke at Funnel Hacking Live with Russell Brunson in September. She’s been at Pedro’s event. Big event. It’s coming up this week.


[00:05:58.490] – Dani

And she spoke at, like, Funnel and Funnels and Traffic and Funnels conference also in Spring. You know, she’s a big speaker. She does so many really cool things. She’s being mentored by Gold Martin Goldman. Oh, my goodness.


[00:06:17.090] – Dani

I’m getting his name wrong. Anyway, who I also really, like, sometimes I mess up people’s names. I’m sorry. But anyway, she said yes, she’s going to be part of it. So I’m really, really excited that she’s going to be part of our conference.


[00:06:30.170] – Dani

She’s not asking for her normal speakers fees. So get ready for that. If you ask people, they might have a Speaker’s fee, but they might just say yes, right. And be part of your vision. And that is the amazing thing with interviews.


[00:06:44.030] – Dani

It’s just having the opportunity to be like, okay, I want to hear about you. I want to get to know you better. And then in return, that person gets to know you, right. So I just got off of another really cool, actually, a bunch of cool interviews this week with ladies who I didn’t know before. That right.


[00:06:59.270] – Dani

I didn’t know their businesses. I didn’t know what they did. I had no idea who they were until we got connected through me putting together this conference. And they’re so cool guys. These women are so cool.


[00:07:12.170] – Dani

I love that I get to part of my job is just connecting and getting to talk to them and learn about their business. So now I know that I can connect. If I know someone who needs publicity, I can be like, oh, go talk to Rachel because she’s really awesome. Or, like, someone who needs to know about being confident on camera and social media. I’m going to be like, go talk to Molly.


[00:07:33.590] – Dani

She was amazing. I talked with her. And if they need someone who needs to know about virtual events, they’re going to be like, I talked to Danny. She was pretty nice. Go talk to her.


[00:07:45.230] – Dani

Right. So there’s a huge power in connecting with people and talking with them. And another thought that I had is that you might go to their websites or you might go to their social media and they have, like, 50 million followers or their website just looks like, super fancy and awesome. Right. And you might think, oh, my goodness.


[00:08:05.510] – Dani

This person’s, like, a big deal. Why would they even say yes to me? But when you get on camera with them, when you start talking to them, you realize, man, this person’s just a normal human being, a normal human being. And then you get to talk with them and listen to their heart and their vision and serve them and get known by them. Right.


[00:08:31.610] – Dani

And there’s an incredible power just to know and just be on camera with person. That’s what I want to leave off. The last point that I have. Besides, the interviews are awesome. And if you are not publishing and having kind of your own platform, you should do that now because it’s going to change your business.


[00:08:49.550] – Dani

Is that video is really powerful. I actually talked about this in my session with Molly Trotter Gomez, who is going to be speaking about this at our Risen Messenger conference at the end of November. But the power of video, it is amazing because there is one thing when you go to someone’s website and you’re like, wow, she looks nice and fancy and has a cool, like, all those cool pictures and you’re like, OOH, she looks really cool. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know.


[00:09:16.490] – Dani

Or maybe she doesn’t look cool. So I don’t want to talk to her. Right. But there’s something really powerful about video about being able to communicate or see the person communicate their body language, how they’re speaking, like how you’re looking at me right now. You know, my tone and my attitude and kind of my personality, and that comes across so well to your video and especially video interviews.


[00:09:38.330] – Dani

Like I said, it’s kind of like having a cup of coffee with something. I have water right now.


[00:09:44.030] – Dani

So when you have a cup of coffee, a person with a person, it’s a great time to be able to really get a feel the person, whether you click or not or whether this person shares the same vision, the same heart. It’s such a great opportunity. So my encouragement for you today is get on the waiting list for our Resume Messenger conference. I’m going to put the link below. The tickets are not live, but you can get on the waiting list and be ready for when it is all live and ready.


[00:10:14.090] – Dani

The tickets are free. So that’s awesome. Right.


[00:10:18.710] – Dani

And consider doing video. Consider doing interviews, bring that into your business, bringing in people that you admire and you look up to reach out to them like they’re not that scary. Right. So that is my thought for you today. I’m going to say goodbye for now.


[00:10:38.990] – Dani

Have a great weekend. We are going to be resting for now, been sick all week, hopefully going to get healthy for the weekend and get ready to go with a new one that God has given us. Amen so awesome. Let me know if this video has helped you. If you are considering doing podcast or video, let me know.


[00:10:58.730] – Dani

Do you have Facebook group that you regularly publish on comment below? Tell me about it. What is your biggest difficulty putting yourself out there or reaching out to speakers. I’d love to hear about that. And if you think that this video would help someone else, then please go ahead and share that.


[00:11:17.510] – Dani

I would love it like it hurt it, whatever you want. Everything is encouraging for me to keep on going and making content like this. And if there is a particular direction that you would love for me to speak into, then just tell me I’m Super happy to help where I can and see you prosper and live in abundance in your business as well. So have an awesome day, guys. And we will see you later next time.


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Bye bye.