Episode Notes


So I did something a little bit scary last year, it was just about summer and I was watching something, I was watching Russell Brunson and if you’re familiar with click funnels at all. Russell Brunson. I watch them because they have such awesome marketing. I’ve learned so much from from them. I did the one I always challenge the year before that. And it was amazing. It was the best like hundred dollars I’ve ever spent learning how to market and grow my business anyway.



So in the summer they they put out this offer Russell presented joining his two CUMA Club X program. And the thing is, with this program, it is like crazy expensive, like it’s the most money I have ever spent. And as I watched him present the offer, I got really excited. I was like, oh, my goodness, I think this is exactly what I need to do. And I said, yes, and it’s insane because, you know, this program cost like thirty thousand dollars and we did not have that.



But I was like, OK, I think this is right for business. I said, yes, I signed up for it. And all of a sudden I felt I found myself panicked, freaking out, scared that I am now part of this like high, really expensive, high and like with all these amazing entrepreneurs, you know, and I’m in this in this group. And what what are we going to do next? And basically, you took us through some basic training on how to build your business, which I’m excited to share with you guys soon.



But after this basic training, our challenge was to put on a summit. And I had actually been contemplating doing a summit before this. I wasn’t really sure what to do, though. I had all these questions in my head, like, OK, how do I do? I invite people to to talk, like, what topics should I be choosing for my summit? How does an event even work? Like what are the logistics to it? And I kept like banging myself up thinking, no, I can’t do this, I can’t do this.



I don’t know, like who wants to look at me? I don’t even know who to ask who would even like come on my summit. And I just kept saying no to myself, no, no, no, no. And as we’re going through this, as I’m going through this program, Russell was really challenging me, challenging me to to be OK with rejection. And I think if you’re anything like me, rejection is hard, you know, and most of it is in our head.



Right. It’s OK for someone to say no to you. Like, that’s the worst thing that can happen is someone says no. Right. But somehow in my head, I was like, that’s like, oh, that’s the worst thing that could have. They say, no, they reject me and this actually stop me. I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that it stopped me from from making a lot of decisions or trying out different things in my business and in my personal life because I was afraid of rejection.



And during the training program, Rusa works a lot, unlike mindset and changing your beliefs and all the coaches there as well, because they realize the importance, the importance there is to win the battle in your head. And so I decided, OK, I’m going to be all right with rejection. I’m actually going to welcome rejection. If someone says no, then that’s awesome. That will make me stronger. And that was kind of my mindset after that.



And we got started on putting together a summit and the idea behind putting a summit together was to find experts who can complement to compliment our business. And we put on a summit for a while happy family, which is kind of a it’s for stay at home moms at their mainly home schooling. And they want to encourage their family, have fun with their family, but they also struggle. They struggle with being moms. And so that’s our avatar for a while, a happy family.



And we wanted to put on a summit that would just really encourage them. And so we just decided to do the courageous mama summit. And it was really exciting. We got a lot of people on board. We wrote lots of experts and influencers. And you know what? A lot of them said. Yes, surprising, right?



Because in my head, I’m like, everyone is going to say, no, they’re not going to like me. Oh, my goodness. But a lot of them said yes. And it was so much fun because when the first came, I got the confidence to keep on going. And then the next year came and then the next year came. And then all of a sudden we had like over 20 different experts within the realm of family and spirituality and parenting to join together for the courageous mama summit.



And yeah, it was a lot of work, but it was actually no more work than I had normally been doing on our business, you know, probably around ten hours or under a week, depending on how I I managed my time. And within 90 days we launched. The summit was only a three day summit, but we got like one thousand two hundred something new contacts on our list from the summit. And that was the idea. The idea we had a summit, at least this one was to grow our list quickly.



And that’s exactly what I did, because before that, I had spent years building up a dinky little under one hundred person list. And I spent years blogging and using really poorly thought out lead magnets that I thought people would like, or just giving lots of just random free things away that would attract, you know, not my dream audience, but it would it would get people, but not really the people I wanted to serve. And that’s what I learnt most out of out of this program was, you know, you want to put something out there, you want to put bait out there that is going to attract your dream customer and not something out there just to attract anyone because you don’t want to just serve anyone.



Like, I don’t think I as much as I love my grandma, you know, she’s she’s not my dream customer. She’s my grandma. I love her, but she’s not my dream customer. So I’m not going to put free stuff out there. So she’ll sign up for my email list and join my audience because I that’s not my dream customer. And that’s what I learnt. Working together with Russell and the coaches was that it was really important to be strategic and thoughtful when putting together an event and that events are kind of game changers in the business today, especially in the age of covid.



Right. Like completely changes everything. No one can go to live events anymore or not, or at least where we are. There’s no live events happening. Relationship is really limited. So that means that it’s even more of an impact by putting on a virtual event. And so I’m working on something. Very soon you’re going to be hearing about it and we’ll be working on putting together. A summit training program, I guess you could say, and that’s going to be coming up real soon, you’ll you’ll you’ll see or hear about it in the future.



And another thing that is coming up is I have a bunch of interviews with some amazing entrepreneurial women going to be released starting this week. So keep your ears and eyes open because these interviews are great. They’re so encouraging. I’ve learned so much already from a lot of these ladies, and I’m excited to share them with you. So stay tuned. We’re actually going to be upping our publishing schedule on this podcast two days a week now that we’re into the New Year.



And I’m really excited for that. So let me know. Have you ever put on a virtual event or a summit or something like that? What was it like at or have you been have you been to one? What are your biggest questions or your fears or concerns? And let us know that there is an entrepreneur. Com. We’re on Facebook. You can find there is an entrepreneur. You can find me at Dani Goeppert on Instagram or Instagram.



There is an entrepreneur. I’m all over the place. And let me know what your thoughts are behind that. Have you ever done one? What has been your best experience? What has been the worst experience? I’d love to hear from you anyway.



I hope you have a wonderful start to this New Year. New twenty twenty one. How exciting. Right. Let’s begin in hope and being people of hope and bringing hope. All right. Have a great day, guys.