Tessa Hopman (The Vinedresser) 

Career coach and motivational speaker Tessa Hopman, The Vinedresser, has helped dozens of women connect with God’s purpose and live their truest lives every single day. Using her unique framework combining neuroscience and Biblical teachings, her life’s purpose is to inspire and encourage women around the globe to rekindle untethered joy in their hearts and walk boldly in their purpose.

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Episode Notes

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All right, welcome back, everyone, to the Risen Entrepreneur podcast, I am your host, Dani Goeppert, and I’m excited to introduce you to today’s guest. I can’t speak. And it’s just the beginning we have today, Tesa Hoppman from the vine dresser. Welcome here, Tesa.


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Thank you so much for having me today.



And I have to I have to apologize because right at the beginning, I just assumed she was American. And that’s like the worst thing you can assume. I’m sorry. No offense to Americans, but for anyone else, I’m Canadian, so most people assume I’m American and I’m always like, mean I’m not. And here Tessa is originally from the Netherlands living in New Zealand. And I’m like, So where are you in the States? Nowhere in the state, so.






Anyway, before we get going, I’m going to let I tell you a little bit about Tessa. She is a career coach and motivational speaker from the Netherlands,.  OK, so career coach and motivational speaker Tessa Hoppman, the vine dresser has helped dozens of women connect with God’s purpose and live their truest lives every single day, using her unique framework, combining neuroscience and biblical teachings. Her life’s purpose is to inspire and encourage women around the globe to rekindle untethered joy in their hearts and walk boldly in their purpose. That’s beautiful, Tessa.




I’m wondering, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to the vine dresser?


[00:02:16.530] Tessa

Yes, definitely. So like Dani already said, I’m ready from the Netherlands. And already I knew from a young age I wasn’t meant to be there. I wasn’t I didn’t feel Dutch for some reason. So I did a year in high school in the US where I actually got saved when I was seventeen, then moved back to the Netherlands for a short while, still didn’t like it. So I actually ended up doing a humanitarian management internship because I was doing a bachelor in hospitality management graduated.



That still then wasn’t really me, didn’t want to go into hospitality industry. I just knew I wanted to help people. And really in South Africa, I did a youth camp for underprivileged kids and that just increased that that fire inside of me for really having an impact and making a change.



So, yeah, I did four years in South Africa, absolutely loved it, but they didn’t want to keep me. So I went back to the Netherlands again and now living in New Zealand with my fiance. So and here I just walked into that same trap again, almost that I found myself living this amazing life, being an amazing job, an amazing man, such an exciting new country. And I couldn’t even get out of bed anymore. The same rollercoaster, again, just feeling emotionally drained.



And it wasn’t until I realized that actually living my reality and my soul, knowing what it was purpose for this is really pulling me apart. And that emotional tension was just bringing me on the verge of depression.



So I enrolled in a life coaching program and also much to become a life coach. I didn’t even know there was a thing more just to find my own answers. But having something that’s so in the world and having just science, I needed to combine it with the Bible. So I really like started to deep dive into the Bible about the power of our minds and how God wants us to live out our purpose.



So, yeah, I kind of organically formed into wanting to become a Christian coach and jumped into it with no plan or savings, quit my job and just trusted, you know, God wants me to do this. He will provide and he has for the past know it’s already been over a year and a half and it’s been such an amazing journey.



That’s so cool. And so now why why the vine dresser? What’s behind the name? Yeah.



So in the Bible says that Jesus is the fundraiser. And what he actually does is that he prunes and tend and he literally clears out the weeds that are just strangling us. And that is exactly what I wanted to do for women to make them see the true potential and not by making them anything different, but by helping them flourish. By having fertile soil and planting the seeds and just pruning away all the things that that we just put on ourselves that are really strangling us, so I just thought it was such a beautiful biblical concept to to use.



And and literally, I said to God, help me find a name. And I open the Bible to this verse. And that was it was so easy. And so also I was just thinking, it’s kind of painful to write, I think we think of like, oh, beauty and growth and like planting seeds. But then there’s also like the cutting away and and that’s sometimes like things that we aren’t ready to get rid of. And we need people to, like, help us to like, see.



That’s not doing you any good, so that’s that’s really great. I love that you actually mentioned that, because that’s exactly like when you look at a caterpillar or a chicken and egg, like we always want to make things easier for them. So let’s just crack it or let’s just break the the butterfly out. But then they can never form into what they’re credit to be their wings, then develop their beaks, then develop. So we need all that pain and that struggle to be formed into our character.



So it’s actually beautifully put that yeah, it’s just it kind of sucks being in that position. Like we we’ve been going like as a family like these last couple of years have been challenging. And I know for a lot of people this year has been particularly difficult with all the unknowns. But to be able to see past that like discomfort and and reframe it almost in a way of thinking, like, OK, a chicken has to work hard to get through that egg.



It might be kind of a pain in the butt and difficult, but then you get a little chick or you get hatched out. You know, it’s important to kind of reframe these these moments, even when you feel like, oh, what is the end?



What’s going to happen? It’s going to be beautiful.



Yeah, definitely. And we’re actually currently writing a book just about that, you know, about the eye of the storm. And when we’re in that storm, you know, we only see the destruction and everything. But when we actually choose to see God’s perspective, now, you sees that the storm is clearing the path for all the other beautiful things to grow then before and then and he sees the bigger picture that we in that storm don’t see. So that that’s exactly that changing perspective.



That’s right.



Well, I was just thinking about. My computer not working properly, I just saw some flashes. I know, what are you doing, computer? OK, our daily lives are typically, like, really full and I’m just thinking of myself, particularly as a mom of five kids. So it actually leaves really limited time to stop and really reflect about what and like to reflect and actually think, you know, what are we actually thinking in and how it actually affects us.



So I’d say as I was thinking about this, the average person is kind of running in this, like, default mode. Right. So why would you say it’s so important to notice our thoughts?



Well, to put it really simply, our thoughts literally create our future and determines our present moment. So if we don’t, our thoughts are going to run rampant in our brain and create a future we don’t want.



So we’re going to create more of the things that we are currently focusing on than we actually do not want in our lives by taking and I think it’s as little as 16 minutes a day for allowing our brain to actually rewire itself and to untangle all those knots that we have created in the business up today. We can start focusing on the things we do want to create in life because and then we have we’re in this circumstance, right.



We can’t control that, but we can control our attitudes in it. And if we have that choice, do you rather want to, like, look down and see the limiting possibilities or do you want to look up and see God’s possibilities, see what he has done for us already and what he’s still continuing to do? And and that little shift and like you’re saying as yourself as a mom, is not something that is just going to benefit you as a person is going to benefit your family.



It’s going to benefit your wider relationships, and it’s going to allow you to actually step into your purpose because you are open for those things. So it’s so complicated to even start to explain how how big the influence of our thoughts are. But just for the day to day, as as a busy mom, that will change your attitude so immensely when you start realizing the thoughts that actually run into your head and just taking that even that 60 Minutes a day to just actually, like the Bible says, capture them and make them obedient to Christ and make them obedient to what the world says about us in our lives.



I think something that you said in there really struck out at me or popped out at me and that’s you say you said creating life, like being creating what you would you would like. And I think often we’re where we tend to become like victims or we just let those thoughts kind of like overrun us and we can’t do anything about it. But you just use the word create. I’m really passionate about this word. I think it’s fantastic because we are created in the image of God, who is the creator.



And so we can take instead of being a victim to our thoughts or the situation. You said we can partake in creating like a new reality. We’re going deep here as well. And that’s exactly what I’m so passionate about because we’re not victims. You know, God was never a victim. And as you said, we were created in his image. I think the first thing we need to understand is that we are powerful and our minds have potential beyond our most crazy imagination.



And that is simply because we are a cup of God like our minds he created to have the most create is the most creative force in the universe after God. And that is simply because he created us as these energetic beings. And if you I mean, it’s a bit trippy, but if you if you start realizing that the only thing that actually holds us in a solid form is our mortal bodies, because we are not a solid form, we are actually pure energy.



So every time that our brain is thinking, which is constantly right, it is sending brain waves so vibes out into the universe. So whatever vibration we put out is exactly what we attract back to us. And, you know, I don’t want to go too deep, but like even science now we’ll go into it a bit further, how it actually combines together. But they are proving now something that they call the quantum field, which literally says that every possibility of our future is already out there and it’s up to us which one we are going to attract back to us.



But as believers, we call this the spiritual realm. And Christ already told us we need to speak things as they already are. So we need to speak into existence and they will be attracted back to us. So he already gave us all the answers in the Bible of why it is so important. I think I always when we go back to Genesis and hearing that God spoke and there was and it was created, I think is such a a very powerful illustration.



We tend to think like we have to, you know, it’s like a hustle and we have to do things like it’s like work and toil. But here we have this example of God just speaking and using language and words. And I know, like in our thoughts, we’re using language and words and.



How often do we use words against ourselves, right? I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I did that right. And I know from what was it like years ago, I was in a training school, discipleship training school. And I remember I think we was like the power of your tongue. We’re talking there is life and death and the power of the tongue. Right, and I use this with my kids all the time, I’m like, do you want to be a person who speaks out life or do you want to be a person who speaks out death because your tongue is so powerful, what it can what it can create?



And it comes from your thoughts, right? So you have a thought that takes root and that creates an attitude and your attitude creates words and action. So it all starts with a thought life.



And if we would only realize a glimpse of how powerful it is, we wouldn’t speak or think even a percent of what we allow to go on in our minds because we are literally creating more of that.



And the favorite phrase that I use an example is I’m so busy.



And people say that about 10, 20 times a day and all you’re doing is creating more business so that I can’t I can’t stop saying that is so important.



And God says, you know, we need to pray like Lord. I think John pray that God would please put a God over my mouth, that I would not speak thoughtlessly. And I think we need to pray that every single day.



Wow. That is a really good point. I there’s also I think I often hear, especially in the realm of things, I, I, I just couldn’t do that. Like I couldn’t I’ll talk about like home schooling or something or traveling. We just talked right before. We’re like Ukraine and also Germany traveling. And how often do I hear from people like oh that I just can do that. And my thought is always like you could, like you could.



I’m nothing I’m nothing special. Like I am not a super woman, but because I’m thinking I want to I think like I want to kind of do how would you that I want to do whatever I want to. I think that my brain is capable of, like, way more than I think than I think. I guess I’m rambling a hundred percent. We will all of us. Right. You’re right. We’ll never be able to grasp, but we can actually do with it.



So this brings me to my next question is how we kind of touch on just how our thinking really influences our lives. Could you give me a few examples how it influences our businesses or our ministries? Yeah, since you mentioned something just now that people say, well, I could never do that. And I think it was Henry Ford that said this very simple phrase like either you say you can or you can’t. In both instances, you’re right. And the same works with your ministry, your life, business, wherever you set the bar is what you’re going to be able to do.



And like, I’m starting to to prove this concept in my own personal life, not in my training program. So we train for triathlons. And I’ve I had troubles running like as soon as I started running, my mind is like, oh, how much longer? I can’t do this. I’m so slow. I’m saw my hip hurts. And then I made a change. I decided from the start of my race, I’m going to like final beat in my head and I’m going to put in everything that the Bible says I can do.



So I’ve been created in God’s image, God’s power. The power that created the universe is running through my veins, is refreshing my bones and refreshing my shoulder, et cetera, et cetera. And I do that for however long runs. I’ve run for an hour and a half. I will say that for an hour and a half. And I have smashed every single record, every single training that I’ve done since I started doing that. I just simply forcing myself to think God’s truth and God’s word instead of our limiting beliefs.



And I think that is a perfect example of everything that we do in our business, in our lives, our ministries. If we say or even think, I could never do that. Same with the fruits of the spirit or talent. I could never prophesy or I can’t heal that person there. They’re too sick, you know, even thinking that in our hearts when we pray and it doesn’t happen overnight, that you’re going to think I can do this and actually believe it.



It takes time. But we have been for maybe twenty, thirty years. We have spoken negative thoughts. So we also need to allow time for our hearts and our minds to catch up with our new conscious choice of thinking right. Thoughts. And it’s just going to take a while. But it will create the most amazing shifts in your life and your business in your ministry that you could ever imagine.



So tell us, what are a few practical things that we could start implementing today to help us? OK, well, you mentioned, like, people are so busy or either don’t have really time to study the word anymore, but that would be my number one tip because the devil is going to throw everything in your face during the day. And if you don’t pull up that that armour of God, if you don’t sit down and read his word. Life is going to overthrow.



Your life is going to overwhelm you and just spending, even if it’s 20 minutes a day in the morning, just spending a time in the world is because you are reading actual truth. And that is what’s going to help you get through the day. So definitely that will start changing and it starts fueling a Holy Spirit inside of you as well. So they will make great changes. And then secondly to that is really, like I said, 16 minutes a day to think about what you’re thinking.



So even if that is in the shower, you can just quietly blow drying your hair, having a cup of tea, just allowing you to drown out like the noises of outside. Put your phone on silent for a little bit and then you can give your kids those boundaries. Right. Like for the next 16 minutes is mommy time. You can set a timer and just allow yourself to think, well, what am I thinking? Because then we quiet the outside will start realizing the thoughts that have been running rampant in our head and they haven’t actually been shaping our negative mindset.



And then to change that around, I’d say write down those lies. So all the crazy things you’ve been thinking about, I like you just mentioned, I’m stupid. I can’t do this. I’m too busy, I feel overwhelmed, etc., etc.. So just write those down and then find you can Google that find in the word what God actually says about us. You know, God will always give us enough energy for the day. He’s our strength.



I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and put those under there. But write it down because as soon as you start writing, our brain is creating new neurological pathways. And the more you write the truth, the more it’s going to wire that into your brain. So the more we write, the more it becomes reality in our brain. So those will be the three first steps that I could give in how to change that mindset.



Wow, that’s that’s a really good point. I’m thinking of like people who regularly journal and we also look into when we look at history, we see a lot of prolific figures who kept journals or they wrote things. And I’m wondering I wonder if there was a connection between what they accomplished or what they did in life to the reflection time in writing. Yeah, and it’s also how that journal derived. It wasn’t like any friend like that girl was in such a terrible time, but she didn’t get down or depressed.



Her letters or her journals are beautiful. And she talked about the things she wanted to do and the people she wants to help and the positive things she was still seeing. And that is a huge difference in saying, Dear Diary, my life sucks and then go Rup and then write it all out. So like I say you is how much power in it. But again, it depends on the attitude that we put towards the journaling. Hmm. OK, so for the people who are a little bit skeptical right now, bringing in neuroscience or maybe this is like a new idea, what would you say?



Are there even connections between neuroscience and the Bible? Is that possible? One hundred percent.



I mean, first of all, we need to understand that God created everything in this world and so is science. And I see signs as a way to to one there to to see how marvelous God is and what he created and how intrinsic and complicated it is, and especially when it comes to our brains. And it’s so sad that when we read the Bible, most of us and me included, we don’t take it seriously enough. Like if we really would take the verse, there is life and death and the power of the tongue, and we would take that seriously.



We wouldn’t speak the things we do.



We wouldn’t gossip, we wouldn’t tell lies, and we wouldn’t say negative things about anybody, including ourselves. So now, slowly, neuroscience is starting to prove the importance of the way we speak and think. And there’s been research, for example, with AIDS patients that shows that their their receptors to actually fight the disease are highly increased when they not one believe that there’s a God, but to believe that God loves them and they have done studies that that, like they’re fighting against the disease, increases by like 30 to 40 percent just by having those thoughts.



So that is slowly proving that what the Bible is saying and what we should meditate on is very true, other crazy tests that they’ve done that people can think thoughts on their bodies.



So and then they can take them away by just constantly thinking negative thoughts in their mind. And so it’s slowly just starting to prove that, like you’re saying, that scripture. And I want to read another one from Proverbs. It says, Proverbs Sixteen, Twenty to a happy heart is a good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. So as I mentioned about the. Tests about health and what we can do, like think away and actually think to ourselves, that’s amazing.



The same with anxiety and depression. They come like we say now, it can be in our DNA. Right. But the Bible already warned us for that. It said that we will carry the sins of our parents and our ancestors for a third to the fourth generation. And now neuroscience is proving that until the third and fourth generation, these negative patterns in our parents lives are actually passed on in our DNA.



So no wonder that people are more prone to obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression. But the good news is, again, it says in the Bible is not a death sentence because they’re not proving that our genes can be turned on and off by what we think about what we meditate on.



So that is what I’m trying to put in my coaching as well, to not just say what’s in the Bible, but why is it important? Because now we can prove it. And that is just so powerful. And that’s why I believe that it is the future to combine those two to have it and lose. You know, those are really good examples. And I think it’s it’s I don’t know. I remember never thinking about this growing up in the church, never hearing anything about this.



Never not especially not from a neuroscience perspective, but the I don’t know if it’s like the older I’m getting or the more studies are coming out of, the more I’m realizing, wow, there’s like, you know, God had a reason why he created us the way he did. And we are able to to actually create together with him new realities and hope. I just like, you know, are thinking and are speaking and I think and I don’t know, maybe that’s a cultural thing or maybe that’s a just something in the church where we just kind of cut off and we say, no, no spirituality like ends.



You know, there’s like a. Some sort of cut, you know, an incision where we are separated from our physical body and our spiritual lives.



And when I hear you talking about is like, well, there’s like this holistic view of our bodies and our of our beings that probably many of us have not grown up with. If if it’s been anything like the way I’ve experienced, you know, just thinking like spirituality is like here. This is like our faith life. But you know, how you speak and what you do with your body to an extent doesn’t really affect it. Right. But here I see like a unification again, this this whole being, you know, forming God gave us these bodies so we could fulfill our purpose on this world.



Right. To everything that he created in our brains. Our genes are all to aid that purpose that he created us for. So it is up to us to to use that in our advantage instead of letting it work against us.



So this leads us into talking about purpose and our true purpose. And I know that’s like one of the things that you specialize on in helping people find their true purpose, purpose or true purpose. And your verses, I guess, know your true purpose. So what what are some examples of dangerous thinking that can undermine your true purpose and.



Literally, anything that’s not in line with the word of God, so as soon as we start talking ourselves or others down and it doesn’t and going into very dangerous territory now, the church has hurt so many people by judge mental attitude. And and it’s no wonder that when we look back in the Bible, God didn’t like eating with religious people. He didn’t like conversing with them because they were negative and they focused more on and pointing out everybody else’s flaws instead of focusing on their own internal flaws and their own fault live and their own spiritual life.



And I think those are the negative thoughts that we need to be cautious about. As soon as we start looking at what other people are doing wrong and wanting to pinpoint it ought to help them or to save them, that that is dangerous thinking, because then we are, first of all, exalting ourselves and also we’re taking the focus away from ourselves and and the true benefit of for other people as well, because with us becoming that pure self that God has created us to be, that we were born with, but then life messed up.



And and by focusing on that, by becoming God’s image and having that pure love inside of us, from there on, we can share that overabundance like God says, you know, that overflow. We can then love others the way he loves us. And I think that is that is the positive of the flip side of the coin pretty much. But then I think that the dangerous thinking comes in that way any better than anybody else or that we haven’t figured out.



Now we need to teach others how to do it. And that’s, for example, in coaching. I will never tell another person what to do. I’ll ask them thought-Provoking questions, which will help them realize what’s going on on the inside and what God has put inside of them, because God speaks to us anyways. And then I combine it with what it says in the Bible, which is true, and those things I can teach. But when we think we know the right way, that’s very dangerous, I think.



I mean, who are you thinking about? Like, wait, where are your thoughts? It’s so if you if you really want to grow in your own true purpose and your thoughts are constantly thinking about someone else’s negativity or their problems, then how are you really helping yourself? Right.



And the same with comparison. Right. And we do that and we think that other person so much better than us. We’re actually slowing down on our own race and we’re not running into danger and said that God is wanting us because we are trying to keep up or we’re lagging behind. And it’s just not what he has in mind for us.



And it also creates a lot of fear. And that’s one thing we know. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. And one of his weapons is fear that holds us back. So, yeah. So what are your top three, let’s say, tips for a daily healthy belief patterns to really instill those? Also, I think we already mentioned, like the three I would definitely recommend for a healthy fourth life and then just building on that and growing in that.



So when it comes to purpose, for example, one big thing is action. I mean, the difference between your dreams and reality is that it’s action. If you’re not taking action, then then you’re stuck with a dream and maybe a pretty mood board. But that’s about it. So I say an action plan would be it. So once you have gone through, I think we’ll talk about the program. But later, when you have gone through and figured out what your purpose is and you have that, that goal is so easy for people to get stuck now in their heads again, that getting stuck and overwhelmed fear, as you mentioned, procrastination.



So so to keep that in check or to not have your brain be triggered that way, it’s important for us to to break them down into small little action steps. And that is anything in life. You mentioned your mom of five. I think overwhelmed is something that is very easy for us to get stuck in.



But if we break things down, even things as Bible study, we don’t start it because it feels too big for us to take on. But if we break it down and little bite sized pieces like even a verse a day or five minutes a day, and that sounds more doable than let’s read all of Tom’s, you know, I would all be a bit freaked out about. I’m going to read one hundred and fifty songs. But if I say let’s do one a day, it feels a lot more doable.



So definitely that would be my tip. Like sit that big goal and instead of getting stuck in your thoughts, then break it down into smaller bite sized pieces and find yourself something to hold you accountable. Whether that is a good friend, whether it’s a community or a coach, somebody who can help you just nudge you along. So so you’re actually progressing over time.



I think that’s probably one of the a couple of the biggest problems, especially as entrepreneurs, is because you have big dreams you like, but then you get overwhelmed with what to do next. And it’s such a big thing that you procrastinate because you don’t know how exactly you’re supposed to do it. So I love that, you know, breaking it down into something that is still like momentum and still it like actionable to keep that wealth, to keep the momentum going.



And yeah. And also to have people around. I think there’s a danger, especially right now online, where especially if you’re a digital, like virtual whatever, you have a business online where you become stuck in your own little bubble, isolated bubble and you have no one that is helping you along. And if there’s one thing that I’ve noticed in my business this year is actually when I started networking and growing and and being coached, it seemed like the biggest growth in my business in my life because of that.



Yeah, yeah. I mean, it makes a huge difference. And investing into it, actually not looking for all the free stuff, but paying money because I guess I just want to touch on this, because when you when you invest in something, there’s a transformation in that transaction. And so I know for a lot like when I was first starting out, my business had like a super little budget. I was like, I’m not going to get a coach.



I would like like I’d rather save my money on that. But my business did not grow very much because I was like, do it myself to myself. But you pay for transformation.



You pay to cut corners, you pay for movement. So that’s one thing I can suggest to everyone is invest in a coach is going to change your life and your business on.



And I together example did a workshop last week. I’ve had about three coaches since I started my business and the last one I couldn’t even afford as I am going to go and put them on my path, I believe I was going to pray and believe that it’s somehow going to work. And in that first week with him, I think I signed five clients and in the last six months I signed maybe two. So just by having that commitment and taking that step of faith, God loves to reward us for actually taking a step of that.



And he was never going to let us fall. He might make us stumble and make it seem a bit difficult for us, but he will never allow us to fall. So don’t also be worried or scared to just take a risk of it all. And again, it’s good. All right. So you’re going to be opening doors soon to your dream or to do a program, I think, in February, if I’m correct.



The film. Yeah. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?



Definitely set the dream to do is as I mentioned, I do have this dream and you want to step into it, but you’re stuck. You can’t really visualize it and you don’t know how to break that down. So this is really for people. And and I think both are hard to the same are really for people who want to have an impact and create change in the world and for people who don’t want to get rich of a paycheck, but they want to live for.



Purpose and prosper from that, so the dream to do it is a 90 day program, which is just five steps, I say, to live a life you love, because I feel if you are in your purpose, you are in your fullest fulfillment. You are in radical alignment with who you are. And this is just what we mentioned. Is it just to hold you accountable, but also to help you not be scared, to dream the big dreams and to set those out for you as a goal and stop pursuing them?



And I think maybe it’s an identity transformation that you are going to be able to see yourself in that purpose and grow as that purpose, as that person in your purpose. So that is in big lines what the program is about to be. About 20 women in the just a community sharing together and really growing in their journeys as women of faith, but also in the in their purpose, in the goals they are setting. So it’s just a lot of fun and actually can’t wait for it to start.



It’s really exciting and cool.



Thanks for sharing that with us. I think that having something frozen here, we still hear me.



Yeah, I think having it I think having something like that is so it’s so smart because I think I don’t know if you if you’re anything like me, I always thought like ideas were like that was if I had a lot of ideas, that was really awesome. But I’m realizing in as I grow in business and entrepreneurship that it’s not about the ideas. I know so many women who have tons of ideas and men as well, like great ideas. But the ideas actually don’t do anything.



If you don’t have if you don’t actually physically do something about the idea, it’s just going to die with you.



So I remember I don’t know, I don’t have that quote, but a friend of mine always talks about how graveyards are like the most. Know it’s like the biggest treasure in the world to be in a graveyard or it’s like the most valuable place I need to find that quote. Like a graveyard is the most valuable place in the world because it has like a treasure of ideas that were buried with all those people.



Like Poland could have been the greatest inventions, but they didn’t step out and actually do it. Yeah, I think I started writing my book then was the one statistic that blew me away. It’s like eighty one percent of people want to write a book.



Only two percent actually do it. So the rest is stuck with the what ifs in the right direction. It’s just awful.



Pulls money out there like I have my book in my head. It’s what happens when you die. Don’t read it. I know. Very true. Well, we’re coming to the end of our time, unfortunately. Has it’s been such a blast with you. But before we end, do you have anything else you’d like to add? You know, if there’s one thing I want to add, if it’s not with me or if it’s not with Dani or whoever, just find yourself an accountability partner and speak your dreams out loud.



First of all, I can’t tell you the amount of clients I’ve had. I’ve never said this out loud. So say your dream and dream out loud. Well, God has put this on my heart, but don’t say it. Anybody’s going to kill your dreams. Say to somebody who’s already in that path of purpose, who is already out of their comfort zone, who can encourage you and motivate you and then break it down. And if you do want to come with us, then you can enroll yet.



But you can sign up for the wait list on Dreama to do it. It coincide it. I would recommend you doing that and then we can help you make your dreams come true in twenty twenty one. Oh that’s really good. Yeah. You got to choose the people that you speak it out because you don’t want to be around people who squash your dreams next.



Thank you so much for your time today, Tessa. Thank you so much for having me. I had so much fun chatting to you. It’s been a pleasure.



Everyone who is listening to this right now, if you found this episode with Tessa helpful, then please be sure to go into the show notes at the Risen Entrepreneur Dotcom Forge podcast and sign up for her launch of Dreamer Drew at my goodness, we’re talking today.



You guys are large, larger dreamer to Dohr.



It’s the end of the day, so I will not lie on that.



I can’t speak anymore large as I can still articulate beautifully because it’s the morning.



I’m like it’s almost nine o’clock, almost my bedtime. So anyway, it’s a sign up for lunch of Dreama to do her. It sounds like an incredible group that you’re going to be putting on. Don’t miss out. And she also is giving out ten free Christian Instagram templates. I’m going to put the links there. You can go ahead and grab that. And that is going to make your life, I think, a lot easier. Yeah.



Give me back a lot of time to get those done.



All right. Well, thank you so much for listening today. Everyone have a great rest of your week until next one. But my.


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